Get it right!

Lately, there’s a message that I’ve been trying to get across to my kids; a view that they have of me, that I know will one day transfer over into their view of God. That view is that I’m not expecting them to get things perfect, but simply, to always be trying. I’ll accept their best effort, and help pull them along the way… at least… I’d like to.

We can’t really give our kids anything other than what we own, or rather, what is really inside of us. I have a hard time believing this about God. I’ve been locked up with songwriting for over 3 years because of this, it has to be perfect… But in the last three months, I’ve been seeing over and over, that my idea of perfect just isn’t his.

Just like the prodigal, he’s always looking out the door to see if we’re repenting and running back. That’s what he looks for; a broken and contrite heart. I have to embrace this, especially if I want to give it to others. I’m not typically a merciful person, but thankfully, our God is… “Those who fear the Lord prepare their hearts. Let us fall into the hands of the Lord, but not into the hands of mortals; for equal to his majesty is his mercy, and equal to his name are his works.” Sirach 2:17

So…. the following is a song I wrote yesterday, thinking about these things.

Get it Right!

Sometimes I think that to get near you that I have to get it right
But the way to really ever get it right is to be near you
Sometimes I think that you’re so hard when it’s my fist that is tight
So arrogant to think that I could ever do enough to be near you

and still you reach out your hand
you look inside me and you understand
you know the sickness of this man
and yet you want me near you…

Sometimes I think that to get near you that I have to be filled with light
But the only way to really be filled with light is to be near you
Sometimes I want to make you smile but all I ever do is fight
So silly to think that I would ever have to fight to be near you

and still your arms are open wide
though I might be naked I don’t have to hide
You became flesh and you lived and died
just to have me near you…

All I have to do is let go of all the things I have tied to myself
All I have to do is to say no to everything that I would make of myself
All I have to say is there is nothing that I can ever change about myself
There’s nothing I can do
It’s nothing without you
Just walking next to you…
…is what will make us free

So here I stand with all of my plans laid open in your light
They all seem to stand between me and the need to be near you
None of it seems to matter when you’ve got me in your sight
Burn every single thing if it means that I’ll get to stay near you

…and I’ll listen to the wind blowing in the tres
your sweet song brings me to my knees
Singing that the goal of everything I see
is to have me near you…

If you’d like to listen, here’s a link to the rough draft…
get it right.wma


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