“And now my dear… it is your big block of wood.”

“I have a gift for you.” Mr Magorium pulls a big block of wood from his dishwasher and hands it to Molly.

“What’s this?” she asks.

“This my dear, is the Congreve Cube.”

“It looks like a big block of wood.” she says puzzled.

“And now my dear, it is your big block of wood.” He replies confidently.

“Great,” she says smiling, yet perplexed, “I’ve was just thinking the other day that I don’t have enough big blocks of wood.”

“Unlikely adventures require unlikelyl tools.”

Her eyes light up, “Are we going on an adventure?”

He takes hold of her shoulders and looks in her eyes like a good father, “Oh no my dear, we’re already on one.”

...we're already on an adventure

...we're already on an adventure


I have friends who mock me for this, and let them for all I care. This is one of my very favorite moments in movie history. And yes, this is my very favorite movie.  Granted, I do love odd movies, but this one, Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium just gets me every time.

Here you have this young lady, blessed with beauty and talent. She amazed audiences with her abilities when she was a child playing Rachmaninov. And now, as a young 20-something, still plays the same tunes.

She’s stuck. We all get stuck.

But there she is, surrounded by magic, attributing it to her mentor who has seemingly brought her up in the amazing store. She, in her view has been along for the ride, enjoying Mr Magorium’s whimsy and other-worldly presence.

But the fact is, she doesn’t even know what he’s put into her. All along, he’d been instilling in her the very magic that she has rested all of these years in.

So, handed this block of wood, her life is about to turn upside down. She’s going to discover a new Molly. And though the change will to her, seem to have happened overnight when it’s all said and done, the magic had been working in her all along, as she dragged through day after day.

It’s funny how many of us, myself included can be so like Molly. We’re surrounded by magic. It’s everywhere that we look. Yet, we see it everyday, and we start to use the word ‘just’ a whole lot.

“It’s just a bench. It’s just a tree. It’s just a child giggling. It’s just another day.”

We often forget to realize that we’re on an adventure. It’s a huge adventure, and it will have an incredible and magical finale for those who love and seek after God.

How do I know this?

Well, I’ve seen beautiful ending after beautiful ending. I could tell story after story of God’s promises to his children coming to fullness.

Paul said that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it… and in Jude, the writer even goes so far as to say that Christ is able to keep you from stumbling and make you stand in the presence of His glory, blameless with great joy.

Those are big statements.

So what am I saying?

I’m saying, “enjoy the adventure.”

There’s a whole lot of time when life hands us a big block of wood, and we’re thinking, “What on earth do I do with this?” or “Why is this happening to me? Why won’t God let me do what’s in my heart.”

God is writing the most amazing symphony ever with us, His little boys and girls. He delights in seeing us dance and play in His light, the way He intended when He breathed life into us for the first time.

And yes, He really did put those passions in your heart. He made you the way that you are so that you could be one more beautiful part of the corporate body of Christ, meant to compliment and harmonize with all of the others.

The thing is, we don’t see the whole picture. But if you pay attention, the way Molly finally does, and wake up to the fact that all along, God has been using life to make you into something so much bigger than she could ever have dreamed. And believe me, if you’re one of the Father’s own, He’s doing it to you too.

So start enjoying your adventure. Pick up your block of wood!


10 thoughts on ““And now my dear… it is your big block of wood.”

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  2. Rebecca Milam

    Well put my friend. I love the character Molly. I can very much understand her struggles in the movie. Trying to handle the seemingly sad situations going on here in the physical realm, while totally missing the awesome and gigantic things happening all around her. Great movie.

  3. Benjamyn

    That movie made me cry….I don’t think Hollywood has any idea what God sneaks into some of its movies for his children. Thanks for the reminder of God’s love!

  4. Chloe

    What an awesome analogy! Reading this really makes me wonder what in my life I could stop saying “just” to and start making out of a “big block of wood”. Looking at your life like Mr. Magorium does would really turn things upside-down. Hehe.

  5. Aaron

    I have found it helpful when situations come up and I do not understand them to get quiet and say “This too, is from my Fathers hand”. No matter what it is, our Father is using it to guide us on His path. Some of the biggest blocks of wood have totally changed my direction and I may not see the fruit for quite a while. Thanks John, that is a great post.

  6. pamela joy

    I am so excited to be following you! I really love ‘Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium’ a lot because you have to think out of the ordinary. Thank you very much,Papa John (Daddy)!

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