Just Show Up For School!

I like to think of myself as a pretty spontaneous person. I enjoy drastic and fun changes, even a lot of not so fun changes. But I’m beginning to realize that it just isn’t so.

I only really like change when I’m the one initiating it. I’m random and diverting, and love to change directions in life. But the fact remains, I’m always in control. What happens when others bring change? What happens when things outside my hand interrupt my sphere?

I get derailed.


Let me clarify a bit.

In our village here in Tennessee, we live two to three families to a house. My family just moved into a new house with a family we’ve never lived with before. Everything is different, and in all honesty, it’s awesome. This family is wonderful and I totally see God making plans to make us into one big family.

But everything is different. My schedule is completely rearranged.

Wait… What? My schedule?

I thought I was flexible. I thought I was was spontaneous… turns out, I’m a control freak.

Here’s an attempt at an honest rant, in hopes that it will inspire you;

I am a self-indulgent control freak! I feel spiritual when I have my little rituals and ‘quiet time’ with God. I need to ‘do’ stuff, seemingly spiritual stuff to feel like I’m a spiritual person. Maybe these practices are good. Maybe they can benefit me in the long run. But if they’re not what the Father is doing today, they’re to be counted as dung.


I was talking to my friend Shammah today. He’s one of the most honest men I know. I appreciate that. I’ll admit that sometimes I get scared talking to him, because I know he’s not going to say anything to me to get me to like him, he’s going to tell me what he thinks is God’s truth, no matter how it might feel.

I mentioned to him that I was having a hard time knowing what to study or dig into. Feeling like my quiet time was messed up and out of whack in this new house.

His reply, “I just wake up and go to school everyday.”

So I talked about how maybe I needed to change this or that, get up earlier…

“You just need to get up and go to school.” His smile is priceless. (Yes Shammah, you’ve got an awesome smile.)

I hung my head in an embarrassed smile, sort of giggled to myself. He’s right. It’s as simple as that. That’s the sabbath. That’s the Lord’s rest. That’s fellowship with God. It’s everything.

Wake up, and on purpose, be attentive to Christ, you teacher, who will guide you through every step. Every single thing that comes your way is part of the lesson plan, and is intended to redeem your soul and spirit from the grip of Satan and a wicked generation.

Get out your notepad. Don’t try and do anything for God. Let Him tell you what the lesson is today… and do it.

Praise God!

Class is never dismissed.


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