The real food and drink…or… pass the cup please Father

Jesus said that the one who comes to him will not hunger, and that the one who believes in Him will never thirst.

This is a big deal. Don’t breeze over these words. Don’t just let them pass through your mind and flow on out. Chew on it… this is a depiction of what a true follower of Christ will look like.

We have a lot of hungers and thirsts. We crave satisfaction from so many sources. We are an exceedingly sensual people. But even there in the beatitudes the thought is listed again, that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be truly satisfied.

Now and then I find myself dissatisfied. I find myself frustrated and grunting for more. If only this or that was different. If only I could obtain this, or be that, or do this or have that… It’s all worthless. The only thing that will ever really satisfy me is the food that comes from above.

I should rabbit trail here…



I am not talking about telling yourself over and over that Jesus has saved you til you feel it! I am not telling you that you’ve got to grunt through and fake it til you make it! It’s extremely hard to write an article on this subject, because so many preachers and doctrines for the last 200 years have been slowly but surely sucking the life out of the word ‘BELIEVE!’

Christian, DO NOT TAKE THESE WORDS AT FACE VALUE! You, child of God were fought for with blood to bring you back into the presence of the Living God. This has nothing to do with saying a prayer and resting assured that you’re saved, as though you said the magic word. This is a life for a life. We hand over our lives… the whole thing… nothing held back to Christ, and He, in exchange, will give you His.


So, what is it? What does it look like?

Christ said that He is the bread of life. He said that if anyone eats His flesh, they will live forever.

When you eat, you become that food. We truly are what we eat.

I’ll give a personal example to illustrate how feeding on Christ works…

Yesterday, I ate wonderfully. I had loads of veggies, good meat, very little empty carbs, a lot of water… it was a good day. I felt wonderful at bedtime, a day well lived, full of nutrition. And the neat thing with days like that, is you’re overflowing. You have energy to spare and can therefore reach out to others far more.

Today, however… an egg sandwich with pork sausage on heavy bread with butter. (and anyone who knows me knows that ‘with butter’ means a whole lot more that… well… a side of butter.) Then I had General Tso’s Chicken from the local Chinese place for lunch. It’s now 2:47 and I feel about useless. I wanna fall asleep. I don’t want to write this blog. I don’t want to do my work. I want my blanket…

We are what we eat.

As our Lord and Brother said to Satan’s tempting face, “Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” We need real nutrition. Satan is constantly sending things into this world to distract us and keep us from feeding on the real food, the real feast, the living Word of our God. I’m not even talking about the scriptures, though they do teach us what the Word looks and sounds like.

Every day, you and I need that manna. Every day, we have to get up with a purpose to feed on Him and Him alone. He’s alive! And He wants to walk and talk with you every minute of every day. He wants you to be overflowing with the water and food that He brings. Do you know why? Because that’s where the infectious and amazing and REAL ministries come from… from overflowing disciples, who are being set apart by feasting at the table of the Lord day in and day out.

This table won’t look like you may want it to. You may not be able to pay your bills. You may not avoid sickness. You may not be able to get out of that rough situation you’re in. But you know what, He didn’t either. As He knelt down in Gethsemane, begging that the cup pass from Him, He resigned Himself to the will of His Father, knowing that that is the only real food. He knew that it was the only real way to the freedom of all mankind.

If it was true for Him, it’s true for you. This is what it is to be holy as He is holy. Because as you focus more and more on Him, He will take care of everything else, and you’ll find the amazing rest that he longs for us all to have.

I want to end this with the lyrics to a song I’ve been listening to lately. It’s by Enter the Worship Circle. It’s called ‘God Is Good.’

You give good gifts to me, I pray that I receive them well

So pass the cup of suffering, and let the oil of joy be poured… I’ll say…

That God is good

We love your purpose, Father, we want the glory to be Yours

So pass the cup of suffering, and let the oil of joy be poured… we’ll say…

That God is good

Dear Father… may it be so of all of us.


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