PURPOSE…Why get up in the morning?

approaching sunset on a fall evening here in Rose Creek

I thought this would be short, but as I’m thinking, I’m realizing that it won’t… none the less, I’ll let the rant commence.

Last night, Shammah taught about God’s promises… it was amazing. It was very good news. And those promises are for His people.

The promises are those of a life in fellowship with God. This isn’t some vague concept, this is real life with the living God! His intention was for all mankind to walk and talk and live and breathe with Him! We can walk boldly into His presence! We don’t have to fear! We are His own and He wants us near Him! That’s stinkin good news!

I want that! I want to have that! I want to own those promises!

And you know what? I get to… every day, I get to.


I woke up this morning, and reminded myself who I am. I’m His child. Today, I’m His, I am not my own. I’m a co-worker with Christ in this work, following Him wherever He leads. Today, I get to walk and talk with the creator of the heavens.

Today, I woke up with a purpose. I also woke up with a choice. To obtain those promises, there is a cost. My life is done. I can’t expect to lay hold of the presence of God if I’m constantly laying hold of the presence of earthly stuff and thoughts. The two don’t mix. My life, lived for me alone and my desires, must be done.

You see, to grab hold of this and embrace the life coursing with in it, is to be raised up into a new race. It is to be part of the real Church. My life as I knew it is done. Now I live in Him, and new life is coursing through my veins.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to wake up and choose this life again.

Tomorrow, my flesh is still gonna want another round of self-indulgence. At some point, I’m gonna want to check out my brain and feed my cravings… most likely in the next few minutes.

So I will write it on my door-post, I’ll put it on my hand and beg the Father to imprint it on my heart. And I will call on my God and He really will answer me and send help. I will link arms with my brothers and sisters next to me in this body. He wants me free of this world. He wants me to be just like Him. And that is SO SO SO SO AWESOME! And He’ll stop at nothing to show me. You know what? He wants the same for you too!

That’s why I’m writing this.


I was looking at Shammah’s “about me” page on his Christian-History site. (which if you haven’t looked at thoroughly then you’re thoroughly missing out.)

He says:

Unequivocally, without a doubt, and without apology I have an agenda for this site and for every site that I do.

I want to expose you and everyone else to the Glorious Church: the gathered people of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This inspired me a lot. I don’t get this blunt nearly enough. The truth is that I have an agenda too, and I hope that every single one of my friends who is looking desperately for answers in their life reads this.

You, my friend, are made for the promises of God! You have a purpose! You have a Father who wants to make you part of this amazing new race of people who live in a different realm. They are people who actually love each other, and strive daily to walk in the Father’s heart and presence to continue this love.

You are meant to be free… and you are meant to be saved. I’m not talking about from hell. I’m talking about from this world. You don’t have to be part of this dying and decaying mess. You don’t have to live this way. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE ALONE!!!

You can be with the people of God. I may not know where they are around you, but I know where they are around me and I know that WE would be happy and delighted to help encourage you!

This is why we get up in the morning. We want to see this Kingdom grow. We want to see you get to know the Father and His people too. We want to see you be free…

All that it costs is your whole life, but in exchange you’ll get a new one that is far beyond anything you could have grunted and struggled for on your own. This isn’t the American dream… this is a real people who live and die for each other. This is Christ.

But hey, when counting the cost, consider these things.

1- I’d be willing to bet that something was already whispering this in your heart and you’ve been dying for someone else to say it.

2- If you’re really happy and delighted with your life as it is, and you’re not already within the real Church (if you’re really looking, you know what I mean… if not, you’re just getting offended about now anyway) why would you be reading this? Is the miserable life you’re living really worth keeping?

I know that mine wasn’t. I have no regret for anything that I’ve given up, and day in and out I’m seeing with my own eyes, and touching with my hands that the promises of God are true, and it’s worth everything to find that pearl and grab it!

Well, I hope that wasn’t too much of a rant. But I think it’s worth saying now and again. After all, it is the only reason we’re alive. He made us to be with Him, and everywhere you look you see people settling for death. You know it’s true. People everywhere that you look, bound to this world… sexuality, drugs, entertainment, vanity, dysfunctional relationships, abuse, DEATH, whatever… it’s all around, and we are meant for far more, and if you’re still reading this, I believe that somewhere inside of you, you know that it’s true.


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