Is Your Baptism Real? -or- Does Your discipleship cost you anything?

I think these are very good questions.

Last night I listened to a lady named Nichole Fitzpatrick talk about her and her husband Jason’s ministry in Mexico.  Some of the things she spoke of really got me questioning some things.

She talked about the people that have been converted and left their lives to follow Christ. In that society, once you go down in that water, “…you’ve got an X on your forehead.”

That’s what Nichole said. It was the same for the early Christians.

These people hear the call of our Lord, and they leave it all. Because their society completely clashes with following Him, they leave it to live and be together with the House of Faith. There’s just no getting around it.

But the salvation is real. They’ve been saved from a wicked and adulterous generation.

The gospel is a life for a life, and Jesus didn’t make it any easier than that. It’s not that He’s a big meanie that doesn’t want you to have any fun. Quite the contrary.

The Father knew, and knows that this world has nothing lasting to offer us any longer. Living for the stuff that will only fade away is far less than what He had in mind for us.

You and I were made to be eternal and lasting. You and I were made to be participators in life with God… yet, look around you. Does anything that the world has to offer strike you as lasting? The fads, the styles, trends, food, buildings, business, civilization.

None of it will last, and you and I were meant to live for so much more.

Now, for those of us who call ourselves ‘Christians’… this leaves us with some questions.

Have you been saved from a wicked and adulterous generation?

Have you been plucked out of the relationships that were natural and joined yourself to the body of believers?

What did your baptism cost you? What has your salvation done? The fact is, it should have cost you everything. Progressively leaving nothing left of the you that was before. That you would be presented blameless before the Father. Christ loves doing this for us. He loves saving us with a real salvation that really does change you from the inside out.

It should leave you without home in your former haunts and without refuge in your old comforts. The Gospel should do for us what it is doing for those people in Mexico. It should cause us to leave it all and follow Him, the One… the way.

But again, it costs everything.

Of course… you gain everything too… Praise God!!!


One thought on “Is Your Baptism Real? -or- Does Your discipleship cost you anything?

  1. Aaron Kline

    I was also deeply effected by her saying that there was an “X” on their forehead. It was very good to see the faces and hear the testimony. It made me want to examine everything again and throw it in the fire…to see if it is real. Only the gold, silver, and precious gems will come out on the other side.
    Thank you John!


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