Psalm 1 in my own words

A man is very blessed if he does not walk and act out the council of those who are wicked. He doesn’t stand and walk down the path of sinners; those who have no regard for the Lord or the things above. A man is blessed if he does not take in and act out the advice of those who have no mind for the Creator, or His purpose. He’s blessed if he is not like-minded with the cynical.

His delight is in the commands of the Lord. He knows what is eternal. He knows what is real and what will last. He knows the Father’s voice, and he thinks on it all day long.

Because of this, this man will be like a strong tree, planted by streams of fresh and nutrient rich water. Every day, all day, he’ll have access to the food and nutrition that the Father has to offer.

Because he has forsaken the wisdom and mindset of the worldly and wicked, he will bear good fruit. Life will come out of him. His works will not wither away because the streams of the eternal are flowing through his veins. Being filled with the eternal, the eternal is what will flow out of him.

But for those who dwell on this world, and the things that only satisfy the flesh, they will fade away. They have no root, and they don’t drink in the waters of life. They dry up. Their minds are on all that pleases for a moment, but decays in the end. And so, they wither, dry out, and are blown away by a small gust of wind.

When the judgment of God comes, they won’t stand. They won’t sit with those who are right with God. They simply can’t bear the light nor the mighty wind of God, because their lives were wasted on all that decays. So now, they are made of decay.

The Lord knows how the righteous walk. He knows what His children do. He feeds them and makes them strong and mighty.

But those who refuse the streams of the eternal, and mock the judgments of God will be blown away and die.


One thought on “Psalm 1 in my own words

  1. Jeff Milam

    “His works will not wither away because the streams of the eternal are flowing through his veins.” That’s an awesome sentence. Good paraphrase of Psalm 1. We need only to listen to our Father.


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