The most important message you’ll ever hear!!!

The real Gospel is not often preached these days. It’s bold, clear, and typically ticks people off and leaves them walking away disappointed.

We are a self indulgent people, who love to have our ears tickled. We want to believe that we can have our selfish lives, and yet believe that we still are followers of the Christ, the very Son of God.

His call is crystal clear…

Leave it all… you’ve been bought with a price, and now, your life is not your own. You belong to Christ.

If you don’t agree, or find that upsetting, then you don’t like the Gospel, and you need to accept that.

If you don’t agree with the statement above, you need to accept that you’re not a Christian.

My good friend Shammah has written a very clear page on his Christian History site about what the REAL GOSPEL IS.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

I’m not saying any of this to upset or anger you, I’m saying it because I want you to be free. I want you to be saved from this wicked generation. I want you to know the creator of heaven and earth.

I’ve met Him. I’ve seen His power. I’ve touched Him.

May we all know our Lord and brother Christ… may we all come to Him an follow whole-heartedly.


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