A God worth praising!

My friend Ashlie said that in a message board yesterday. That God is a God worth praising.

Well, why?

What has He done for you? Really… I’m asking. What has the Father done for you?

We’ve become a culture that doesn’t like to talk about the goodness of the heavenly Father. We sort of cringe and get embarrassed at talking about the sweetness of the wind, or the gentleness of a butterfly.

This is dangerous. It’s like growing up, getting big and bogged down and losing the ability to believe in magic and fairies. We grow hard and cynical.

Do you want to go on with God? Yes? Then talk about His goodness. Talk about His love. Talk about all that He has done for us.

I have much to speak of. His generosity to me is overwhelming. He has pulled me out of so much grievous sin and pain, and given me a whole new life. I was an orphan and He has given me a family, with countless brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. And that’s not abstract, we’re-all-in-the-body-of-Christ junk. I’m talking about REAL FATHERS, BROTHERS, SISTERS AND MOTHERS. They have names and faces and really handle me as a son and brother, and visa versa.

I’m alive. He’s given me much to do, and made me for things from before the dawn of time… good things, things that express His nature. I want to be with Him, and to talk about Him all of the time.

You can feel the hardness come on when you don’t talk about Him for a day or two. It’s hard to get back to it.

Watchman Nee said that it is essential to every believer to publicly talk about our Lord and what He’s doing. No ifs ands or buts. If you don’t, you’ll fade away.

We’re spiritual creatures who need spiritual creature food. Praising our God, encouraging each other with what He’s done… that’s good food.

Let’s feed each other.


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