Don’t let the moment pass!

It’s easy to miss it. God passes through the room, and we can be too busy cleaning or cooking or organizing or scrubbing tiny people, or…. anything that we HAVE to get done.

Remember Martha. She was serving and doing all sorts of noble things, and was terribly annoyed at her for just sitting at this man’s feet.

But I think that we often forget to actually learn the lesson she learned. We are made to be spiritual creatures living in another realm. Sure, there’s things to do, but then… well… there’s God. He blows this way and that, and we need to be where He is.

I want to be where He is. Don’t you?


Chasah crashed out on the couch

This morning could have been really rough. At about 3:30 or 4, my wife wakes me up. She’s shaking and shivering and totally nauseous.

I wrapped her in blankets, and held her. She was shaking bad. We both eventually fell back asleep.

Now, normally I try to get up by 5. I like to be up and get time with the Father before my girls so that I can get them up, and get them with God too. But today wasn’t going to work.

But yet, the morning commenced…

6:07- Chasah, my youngest is knocking and crying at the door. (she doesn’t get how to turn the knob yet) I get her, and we snuggle and sleepily smile at one another.

I crawled out of bed at 6:15, which is pretty late for my normal schedule. I remember thinking, “Okay, I’m gonna get the girls up and functional, and then I have to fly.” But that didn’t go well inside. If I want them to be functional, I’ve got to put them in the hands of God, not just slap some clothes on them, hand them an apple and kiss em goodbye. They’ll be leaches on mama all day.

We snuggled up and started with prayer. We prayed for mama, our leaders, friends. We asked God for help. And help He did.

I was going to forgo devotions for the sake of making them breakfast, but once again, God had other plans. My oldest starts asking me about the apostle Paul. I had told them the story of his conversion, and they wanted to know more.

So there I am, making eggs, and they’re pulling up chairs, all three of them, to hear about the day of Pentecost and the first Church and what it meant to follow The Way. They were so eager to hear.

I felt like I was sitting at the Lord’s feet. They wanted so badly to be at mine, to hear what I’m passionate about. It was beautiful.

The neatest thing was I could feel them becoming so peaceful inside, setting themselves to take care of mama. They wanted to help. They wanted to keep things clean for her. They wanted to be the ones mama counted on, and now, after hearing about their heritage, they were ready.

So, nothing this morning went as planned, at least not according to my plans. But there was a plan, and God was totally in it. I felt like I could swim in the sweetness of my kids. I didn’t miss it this morning, I loved it. And it lead the way.


On a later note, my wife wrote me a text that the girls really are doing their best to take good care of her. She said that Chasah has been bringing her plastic food to make her happy. She overheard her in the other room telling Adaryn, “Mama likes toast and bananas, so I would prefer bananas.” She had this air of confidence about the whole thing that made Yvonne smile.


5 thoughts on “Don’t let the moment pass!

  1. Benjamyn

    Chasah can be so sweet. Her smile and eyes help clear up my day even on the hardest days. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

  2. Jonas Oblouk

    You have a way with words, John. I have been listening to your CD all week. Love it. Hey, I do not have a way to get hold of you. Can you somehow get me your email address or phone number? You can use my contact form on my website if you want to keep it private.

  3. Yvonne

    Thx for doing that! They were not the train wreck that it’s easy for them to be when I am down. The only thing they missed was the keeping things clean part of course (not shocking) but they were total angels all day long.

    1. ahabah

      They did reall well keeping the main part of the house clean. They were pretty self motivated and that is not the norm. The girls are pretty mommy motivated and when mommy was down they did their best. Yeah, the bedroom wasn’t picked up but everything was better than the norm (no matter how small the better is;) ) I watched them that morning being sweet to each other, being quite, self motivated to pick up their toys and stay out of mommy’s room so she could get some rest. Pretty awesome when they are 8, 6 and 3 🙂 You have great kids!


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