“Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called…”

As the Switchfoot song so simply states, “We were meant to live for so much more, but we lost ourselves…”

Is it true?

Have we lost ourselves?

Have you lost yourself?

I do, daily. Sometimes hourly.

I’m gonna get all charismatic here and I’m gonna talk about a real battle that’s going on around us. Some of you will scoff and some will go, “Wow! Is that ever true!”

I’m hoping that every single person will read this, believe this, and go after it with everything in them. Because we’re called to live an amazing life and not waste it.

Yesterday, here in our village we had gatherings in our houses. Numerous households got together to talk, sing and all in all, praise God for what He’s done through the week.

Well, during ours, we got talking about different ways we were working to encourage the young ones among us to see with spiritual eyes. One topic of discussion was the Jabberwocky. I asked the kids in our house what they had done, today, to slay their Jabberwocky.

Some of the kids at the gathering chuckled at this. Obviously they didn’t see, or rather, want to see the depth of the movie because it was simply a fun or ‘cool’ movie to watch at the moment. They didn’t want to taint it with meaning. 😉

I asked, “Do you young ones think it’s weird for us to find meaning in things like this.”

One lovely one was brave enough to say what I believe that the other kids weren’t. And I’m very proud of her. She thought it was weird that we would find such meaning in Alice in Wonderland. She said, “It’s not normal.”

Wow, what a wake up call. That shook me. This is a problem. Something in me rose up and wanted to attack, not her, but this mentality. This is a blatantly anti-God mentality that most confessing and supposed followers of The Way do not realize has crept into their homes and hearts like a cancer.

Now, this next part may throw some of you. I believe it’s real and true…

You see, about 100 some odd years ago, a man named Aleister Crowley communed and channeled demons and spirits, prompting him to write a little something called the Book of the Law. It was and still remains a book chock full of horrid teachings on how to bring down our world. Basically, insights into Satan’s own mind.

One of the teachings was ‘Meaninglessness’… Call it what you want, ‘flippancy’ ‘cynicism’ ‘indulgence’… you could even go so far as to call it ‘entertainment.’ But either way, it’s all blatant diversion. And it diverts our minds from being set on high. Crowley was encouraged a push meaninglessness from every angle. He taught this to his followers and in his writings as well.

I absolutely and positively do not believe that a mere and self-absorbed man like Aleister Crowley could bring about all of this. Something far deeper and with far more sinister of an agenda than him did though, and used Crowley’s teachings to heavily influence the last century in far far far far far more ways than you could imagine.

Since the dawn of time, there’s been a force, desperate to give us our own will and take us from our one and true Father. He disguises it as the thought that God simply doesn’t want us to have fun or enjoy ourselves. But it’s quite to the contrary.
You see, when all loses meaning, the sacred becomes casual. Bands, writers, poets globally latched onto these thoughts, and so-called ‘open-mineded’ philosophies, and they came into full and vivid bloom with the free love movement, which in turn has morphed into our society of heroes and celebrities, many without a flicker of merit.

C.S. Lewis once stated that it used to be that people were famous because they did something special, but now they’re considered special because they’re famous.

Anyway, we all are living smack in the middle of a messed up and upside down world, in Satan’s domain, where he longs to pull the meaning out of everything possible. He wants God to be low and familiar, sex to be casual, and indulgence to be abundant. The fruit is a life where we’re constantly seeking fulfillment, but are never ever satisfied.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not because he doesn’t want you to have fun, but it’s because He doesn’t want you, YOU, CHILD OF GOD, to know your true Father. If we’re kept numb and cynical, then we will not see His face.

We’ll miss him in the eyes of each other as we pass on the street. We’ll be plugged into computers so deeply that we’ll never feel the breeze on our face, and His voice in the wind.

Now, if you’re a true disciple of the one and true Lord of all, Jesus, the Christ, then you’ve been called to walk in meaning and purpose. Every step you take, just like our Lord’s, should be examined in light of the Father. We walk in His freedom, not in the bondage to the addictions that this world offers, only leaving us empty and hollow.

This is not too extreme. This is who we are. Really, it’s who we all are whether you like it or not. And it is a wonderful and exciting life that creates amazingly rich in spirit children who are not hollow-eyed and waiting for their next movie fix.

I’m completely not interested in banning movies. Not at all. I am interested in being holy however, and considering God before everything, and having nothing, absolutely nothing that we do be meaningless.

So parents, friends, brothers, sisters… I challenge us with the task of looking and what we’ve taught our kids. Are we going to have to unteach it once they’re older?

Give meaning to everything you do. Lead a life full of purpose. Don’t turn on the digital babysitter. But give your children something to live for.

Give your friends something to live for.

Give yourself something to live for.

If you’re living this American life, you can’t possibly tell me with honesty that you are satisfied.

Taste and see that the Lord is good. His waters run deep and are full of light and life… Come to Him, every moment of every day, and you’ll never thirst again.

So… to conclude. Consider Him in everything. Don’t let your life be wasted. Don’t settle for the apathy. WAKE UP AND LIVE A LIFE WORTH LIVING! A life, worthy of the calling you’ve received.

No matter who you are, or where or what you are, you are made for so much more than this wasted and indulgent life. There really is an answer to it all.


6 thoughts on “MEANINGLESS

  1. Tara

    Thanks so much for the reminder – God knows that we need it every day – I have been finding myself “lost” so to speak, not sure of what God wants me to do next. Your words have given me the strength to look and to ask.
    I love you brother!

  2. Marcy

    This reminds me, oddly enough, of one of the entries in My Utmost For His Highest — Chambers talks about how some Christians are so bent on doing and seeking the holiest and most significant things, that they lose the sacredness of the ordinary, or they scorn the ordinary — and he says even brushing our teeth is sacred.

    1. John Cullimore Post author

      Woah! Marcy!

      I had no clue you were watching my blog. It’s great to hear from you.

      And it’s so true. We get so locked into seeing things as mundane, that we lose the magic of walking with the Father and each other.

      But we can fight it.

      I know my kids help me tremendously. I’ve been thinking about Deut. 6 a lot when I’m getting any time with them lately.

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