His face is turned toward heaven… We stand with purpose.

Looking upward after a pretty short lived and intense storm on monday

I read a passage today, that seemed to invigorate and get my blood moving. It just really encouraged me to look upward.

We are not mere animals. God picked us to stand upright, and look Him in His glorious eyes. He breathed into our lungs that we could sing songs back to Him, and more importantly, that we could sing songs with him.

We cannot exist with any sort of purpose or life giving spirit, if we don’t really know who we are.

The purpose of this little blog page in the vast span of the universe, is to tell you who you really are, and send you away, desperately hungry for the real adventure behind my words.

The passage I’m about to quote is from the ‘Octavius’ by Minucius Felix. It is a late 2nd century writing entailing a debate between a pagan Roman and a Christian.

It’s a wonderful writing that everyone should read. The translation by David Bercot is so well written. My friend Shammah has it for sale on his Christian History Site bookstore.

This piece is in response to a pagan, saying that it is foolish to even be trying to examine the divine, let alone claim that we can know anything about it.

“How can a person perform his social duty if he doesn’t understand the common bonds of all mankind? Man is different from the wild beasts. Their faces are always looking down at the earth, gazing at their food. But man stands erect. His face is turned toward heaven. His thoughts and his conversation are of heaven. For this reason, we rocognize, feel, and imitate God. No person has the right or reason to be ignorant of the celestial glory that’s imprinted on our eyes and senses. It’s wrong to seek on earth what can only be found on high.”

So, I say to you. Look on high. Keep yourself upright and looking for the Lord when and where He can still be found.

Don’t waste another day.


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