This post may not interest some of you, but I know I’ve never shown this to ya’ll.

I’ve mentioned in quite a few posts and my ‘about me’ page where I live. A place called Rose Creek Village.

This is home.

We’ve been called a whole lot of things. Some have called us a cult, a culture, a neighborhood, an intentional community. I call us the Church in Selmer. We’re here to be disciples together, that’s really all that we want.

We don’t want a system, and we don’t want ideals. In fact, most people with a lot of ideals as to how this ‘should work‘ don’t usually last very long. Our life is about people.

It’s pretty great that we’re learning about sustainable living, and recycling and raising chickens and more… but our life is about people. Jesus was about people, and living this way gives us ample chances every day to attempt to follow those two commandments that Christ said were so very important; to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength- and to love our neighbor as ourselves.


But, I wanna take you on a virtual tour of my home. Last night, my little Chasah, my friend Benjamyn and I walked around and took a few pictures.

Chasah and Benjamyn coming out the door

Yes, we live in trailers.

It’s a whole neighborhood of trailers.

We do however try to fix them up and try to cut down on the Tennessee cultural tradition of having dead vehicles, toilets, tubs and other misc lurking in the yard.

The top of our storm shelter across the street

This is a storm shelter across the street from our house.

This services 4 households, about 9 families plus, if there is a tornado warning. (we get a good few of those here)

The front of the storm shelter

We’re still working on installing some decking in front of our storm shelter… gets a bit on the muddy side at the moment.

Heading down our hill into the rest of the village

Highlander trail

This is the bottom of the hill we live on. There’s 4 houses, most having 2 to 3 families, plus a couple single folk.

Farming land and the high tunnel

Trash pick-up

Here’s something to talk about… some of the lads in the village go around every day and collect rubbish. Aren’t they sweet?

Benjamyn and Chasah, checking out the chickens

Grazing land

Heading up meadow lane

Friends relaxing on the porch

These are my friends, Annie, Abby, her husband Nathan and their kids.


girlie monkeys

We teach our babies to steal big people’s shoes… it’s important.

Further down meadow lane

Papa's house

I love Papa’s front yard. He’s got two of the best porches around for afternoon relaxation.

Water fights

The orchard

There’s a few different kinds of fruit trees in here. And on the far end, we have quite a blueberry patch. This year it’s seemed like the berries are never ending.

The orchard and part of our petting zoo

Petting zoo and green house

more houses on the edge of the garden


Inside the greenhouse

the garden

a big ole toad

And we end our journey, with a big toad. He’s there at the bottom center, staring up at the girls wondering if his doom is upon him.

There’s plenty more that I could show, but I’ve already put nearly 30 pics in this post alone. Next time I’ll show your some of our flower gardens, the town hall, the bus I lived in when we first moved here, horses, sheep, a grocery store and so much more…. (wow, now I realize that I’ve left a whole lot out)

Feel free to ask questions.


3 thoughts on “Home!

  1. Sandy Mavity

    Wow, PJ(Do you still go by ‘PJ’?). What a peaceful life you must live!!! Are you fully self-sustained or do you have jobs, too? You are much wiser than your years and I do envy your way of life. My dad used to say, ‘your riches become you burdens’ and he was so right! Life IS about God and people, too many have forgotten that! Stay true to yourself and who God made you to be. You’re truly a blessing!!

    In Him,

    1. John Cullimore Post author

      Haven’t been called PJ in a while. You’re sweet though. Thanks.

      We do all have jobs, at least, that’s the goal. Next time I post about the village I’ll show where I work and some of the other guys jobs as well. I work in a warehouse that we own selling plastic bags for artwork (believe it or not)… we sell a whole lot of plastic bags and stationary stuff. I’m in the call center doing customer service and such.

      It’d be great to be self-sustained, but God has His awesome way with things. We’re very involved in our city and local people. We’re not trying to hide ourselves… there’s too many of us to hide anyway. We have almost 300 out here.

      But I’d like to address the thought of a ‘peaceful’ life. Some think that, and a lot of people have different ideas of what a ‘peaceful life’ is. We certainly don’t have it all together. In fact, keeping nearly 300 folk in unity, without becoming a legalistic bunch of jerks in a system that believes they’re the only ones gonna make it through the gate is a tough thing.

      A truly peaceful life is a life lived in good clarity with God, (meaning, a good conscience, knowing His smile is there) and in clarity with your brothers and sisters. No shadows, no secrets… no darkness. All of that being said, the idea that some have of living peacefully, goes out the window.

      I’m not saying that it’s your idea Sandy. In fact, I remembering you being more honest with me about the questions I was having as a young fella than many. You and your husband. Sometimes you’d talk to me about things that were pretty uncomfortable and challenge me to think outside my ‘christian’ (with a lower case ‘c’) box.

      Now, I don’t know if you remember that. But I certainly do. It’s those sort of uncomfortable talks that are a part of our daily life her. It’s about people… because those talks set us free.

      You made my day posting here Sandy. We’ll have to write back and forth more and get reacquainted.

      Last you saw me I was going through some of the roughest days I’ve had… Our God is truly, mighty to save!


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