Home… part deux

In this installment, I wanted to show some of the other sides of the village.

I’ll start with some of the pretty things…

Some of the horses greeting us

So, I went down behind our house where the horses are grazing this week. The one on the left is my favorite. Lil’ Bit. She’s great. But big ole El Billio, (no clue where we got that name) decides that he wants to be in the picture and buts Lil’ Bit out of the way. Very pushy…

The midwifery cabin and studio

On the left and front is the midwifery cabin. We have certified midwives who live here in the village. This is sort of their office. On the right, shrouded in trees is what will soon be an art studio, but was used for recording music by myself and many others for a few years. Originally, both of these were built by a couple of other couples my age who grew up in the village. They built these soon after their weddings about 8 or 9 years ago.

The view from the midwifery cabin, looking up Windy Hill Rd

Playground and orchard

The infamous swing

The swing is a pretty common place to meet. It’s a wonderful place to relax and talk.

The bus!

This is actually just to the right of the above swing. When Yvonne and I first moved in to the village, there were no rooms currently available. We had 4 fewer houses at the time. So we moved into the bus. It was locked last night, so I didn’t get any pics of the inside. But it’s great in there. Totally converted into a little RV. On the downside… the ceiling is about 1/2 foot shorter than me. I was constantly slamming my head on things. On the bright side, it helped me learn to watch my cussing.

I love our gardens

The silo and the road heading into the residential part of the village, the village is behind me

The silo is used for storage. No, not weapons.

Gate to the festival grounds

I love these gates

The garden at the entrance to the village

A full recycling trailer, mail boxes and the barn

Every Tuesday morning a group of the young ladies make their rounds to gather recyclables and get them into town.

The barn and the buses... we ride the big one to work everyday

The barn has storage, stables, welding stuff, hay… um… tools.

Welcome to the village

Not sure if you can make out the sign. It was pretty bright.

Our grocery store

In our grocery store we sell all sorts of things; snacks, herbs and supplements, very fresh produce, some meats, and other stuff too. It’s open to the public as well.

The town hall

I must have not had my V8 yet when I took this… good grief.

In the town hall we do our more corporate village meetings, teachings and gatherings. For example, tonight all of the adults will be getting together to discuss some things here.

You may wonder how we do ‘church.’ Well, we sorta don’t, at least not the way that a lot of people are used to. On most weekends we’ll have what we call ‘gatherings.’ This is where we get together and talk about what God’s been doing. It’s the overflow of a week well lived (hopefully… though, you can tell if it’s been a bad week. Gatherings are pretty rough when people haven’t been listening to the Spirit)

At gatherings we will spend time singing, teaching, talking, dancing… whatever the Lord puts in our hearts. I love it. It’s great getting together and hearing the stories of how God has worked in our lives throughout the week. The overflow can be so wonderful.

One of the school houses

We do sort of a home school co-op. This is one of the school buildings.

Inside the library

yay! Books!

Allie, Addy, and Chasah all get a new book to read… I’m especially excited about the riviting ‘Night of the Ninjas’ there on the left.

a work of art by Mr. Ben Pennington

A look at the grazing land, soccer field, chickens... and the forest and graveyard beyond it

The gate up to the pond, graveyard, forest... one of my favorite places

I really love this stuff. This is one of the most beautiful places I know of. It’s so green and wild. Below is a close up. It almost looks like it’ll grab you.

The hill to the affectionately called 'Enchanted Forest'

Past the gate, to the left, look up and you’ll see the ‘Enchanted Forest’ as we’ve grown to call it. It’s a wonderful and cool place to wander around. Very spacious and shady between all of the trees. (and some of the trees have faces… but that’s a whole different post, not to mention the fairy hunts) Go ahead… ask all the questions you want. I’m not shy.

Memorials to those who've gone on before us

Magdala... I love her voice

This stone is where our friend Magdala was buried. To be straight, I’ve never met her, but I feel as though I knew her all of my life after hearing her stories. She had a beautiful voice.

I spend a lot of time recording music here, and I’ve gotten to record a lot of the different singers and songwriters that God’s blessed us with. But I never got to record her. It would have been wonderful. There are some old tape recordings of her though, and despite their horrid sound quality, you can hear her love for God in them. It’s sweet.


That’ll do for this installment.

In part three I’ll tackle some of our work places and such.

Please, once again, feel free to write with questions.


3 thoughts on “Home… part deux

  1. allison musick

    you didn’t even include MY favorite horse, Fancy Pants. Well, her name is actually just Fancy. But I like calling her Fancy Pants. It has a nice ring.

    my blog has been uninspired lately. not sure if that means i’m living my life poorly or not, but…i’ve just felt too drained to write anything.


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