Home…part deux.5

The Village Coffee House

I think this’ll be the last I do like this for a while, I have some other stuff I wanna work on. But I’ll show you a couple of our businesses. Starting with our coffee shop.

The Village Coffee House uses freshly roasted, organic, fair-trade coffee from Higher Ground and bake our own pastries fresh daily! Stop by for a fresh veggie salad and iced tea or a refreshing fruit smoothie. (I grabbed that straight from their facebook page) It’s a wonderful place to relax on comfy couches, read, play games or talk.

Inside the coffee shop

We actually have a number of businesses in our village, among them are painters, carpenters, window film fellas and more. But I’m just showing you the coffee shop and the distribution warehouse we have today.

Below is the front of our ginormous warehouse. Yachad, meaning ‘unity’ in Hebrew is the name we operate under. This warehouse is a logistical warehouse for the company Clearbags.com. We take care of their stock and ship it out as though it were our own, servicing the east half of the country.

The warehouse

It’s hard to really show, (especially with a phone camera) the massive amount of product we have here. Plastic bags, mat boards, stationary, foam board… and a whole lot of love!

Inside the mighty warehouse...

A glimpse down one of the aisles… sooooooooooo many bags and plastic boxes.

This is my pal Ed. I tried to take a picture of my friend Amy in action, she’s much prettier than Ed. But alas, she refused.


Look at him go. “Sell those bags Ed!”

(top to bottom) Silly Head, Slimy Head and Slimy Head

These are my friends that my daughters made for me. They named them as well. The watch over my desk for me when I’m gone. It cracked me up that two of them have the same name. For those old enough to remember the Newhart show, I imagine these guys being cartoon versions of Larry, Darryl and Darryl.¬† Behind, you can also see a couple other works of art.

The office

Looking down upon the busy shipper

Well, that seemed slightly anti-climactic, but, I’m not sure what else to show. There’s an amazing path leading out behind the warehouse here. It sits on 26 acres of land, so there’s some room to wander on your lunch break.

Anyway, I hope that you’re all having a great day!


One thought on “Home…part deux.5

  1. Evan Dawson

    Wow- what a great place to live, love and raise a family! It’s funny, but my dad grew up in the country (extremely small town called Lively, VA back in the 50’s). He couldn’t wait to break out and stretch his wings in the hustle and bustle of the city. I grew up in the city, but always dreamed of moving to the country. Christmas at my grandparent’s house in Lively was always the highlight of my year. Not sure if it’s the age old ‘grass is always greener’ syndrome that creeps in when I see pictures like these. Maybe it’s the longing for a simpler way of life, a life that looks a bit more like Heaven’s idea of a good time…


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