The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory -or- I do Believe in Dragons… I do I do!

I’m gonna have some fun with this post and I really hope you do too. But just a disclaimer, I’m not very interested in debates about the scriptures not having errors or anything of the like. I love the written word of Go… and just as Paul said, it’s inspired by the Father, and here so that we will be equipped for every good work. (2 Tim 3:16) I hope that this will encourage you to do good things too.


I’ll start with this, and this is straight from the Strongs, the definition of the word ‘seraphim’ used in Isaiah 6:2.

From H8313; burning, that is, (figuratively) poisonous (serpent); specifically a saraph or symbolical creature (from their copper color): – fiery (serpent), seraph.

K… I’ll just say it. I believe in dragons. That’s not figuratively… I believe in terrifying, majestic and formidable dragons.

Why, well, (who doesn’t want a pet dragon?) and there’s also the fact that they’re right there in the scriptures. Isaiah saw them, and was terrified. Not only was he terrified, he was repentant.

Bible gateway adds a bit more to why Isaiah may have been so terrified before the sight of them and God. They say in their dictionary that the only other times they’re referenced in scripture they’re used as instruments sent by God to inflict on people the righteous penalty of sin. Wow…

Now, I have no clue as to why anyone felt it necessary to take such an amazing creature out of the translations and replace it with a much more vague term… but I have no qualms with tossing it back in.

There’s some amazing pictures of God’s might in the scriptures.

There’s fantastic creatures who baffle and blow our minds. And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying them. There’s nothing wrong with believing that there’s things well beyond what we can see.

You know why?

Well, the whole earth is full of things that glorify the father. Everywhere you look. Creation is groaning and reaching its limbs to the heavens to touch the sky… It’s awesome.

The other reason, is you and I both need to learn how to be children again. We need to believe in majesty. We need to behold the wonders of God’s hand and be in awe. And we need to do it all the time, otherwise, it WILL DISAPPEAR. The longer you stay silent, and neglect the wonder of the world God has blessed us with, the more locked up you will be about it. It’ll feel stupid. You’ll have grown hard.

But if you walk outside today, and get amazed by the ants working together… behold the bizarre wonder that is a luna moth, or the detail of a dragonfly. Examine the clouds. Pause… breathe… take it in. Get unplugged and believe.

Last night I read to my kids and to some of their friends the story of Elijah going up to the mountain, and the way the Lord revealed himself. It’s an awesome story, especially if you don’t just read it to the kids, but take it in, take them there and let them sit in the cave next to the prophet. Let them feel the terror as the tornado blows by, and see Elijah searching for God in it. Let them feel the heat of the fires on their faces… I even picked up the picnic table to shake it for the earthquakes. And then, the still small voice.

I told them that the God who makes tornadoes, fires, earthquakes and dragonflies… thought about their every feature long ago. They ended the evening dancing before God with total delight in the evening sun as it set. It was incredible and sweet. They knew that they were special in His sight, so they did a dance before Him.

Then this morning, I told them the story of Isaiah in chapter 6. The thought of the sight of the very throne of God, overflowing with His robe and pure and thick smoke surrounding in glory… and behind the throne above the Father, these amazing creatures. And these creatures, who are typically for the execution of the God of creations righteous judgment’s wrath, they speak praise and honor to their king. The very foundations of the earth tremble.

Do you?


4 thoughts on “The Whole Earth is Full of His Glory -or- I do Believe in Dragons… I do I do!

    1. John Cullimore Post author

      I’ll clarify… in each Bullwinkle episode there were breaks where they’d be stuck in peril of some sort, and they’d give two alternate names for the upcoming segment. It was great.

      On Fri, Aug 20, 2010 at 3:07 PM, John Cullimore wrote:

      > I was just pondering that very question not 20 minutes ago. I couldn’t > figure out why I liked doing that. Then it occurred to me. Rocky and > Bulwinkle! > >


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