Bachelor Party

I have a lot to be grateful for, I really do. When I think about it all, it sorta makes me wanna throw a party.

Right now, Yvonne is on a train in Alaska, taking in the sites on a long overdue trip with her mom and grandmother. She’ll be gone for 15 days.

I’m here in Tennessee, wife-less, with my girls. We home school, and I work 40 or more hours a week. This leaves about an hour in the morning with them, and about 2 and 1/2 at night. hmmm… what’s a dad to do? How do I keep them stable and happy? Most kids are apt to fall to pieces when mom is gone for a day or so, let alone just over two weeks.

Well, I’m here to praise God. He’s very very very good.

Every day Addy, my middle one is going to her friend Luna’s house and her mom treats her like she was her own. After work, the last two days, she’s already had a bath and is as happy as can be. I see no lack in her eyes.

Allie is being passed around like a hot potato; some days hanging out with me at work, doing reading and educational games on my phone. Some days with this or that friend… She’s having a great time.

And little 3-year-old Chasah, well she couldn’t feel more special. My dear friend, Yashana, dotes on her like a sweet grandmother or aunt. Now, Chasah was the one I was the most concerned about falling apart… and yes, she has burst in to tears at a couple random moments, but all is well. The other day I got there to pick her up and she and Yash had made a princess dress. (though you should know, Chasah is secretly Glenda, the good witch, reincarnated- and she’ll tell you this fact too) But Chas felt so very special, and was glowing as though she had a day with God. You know, she may have. Yashana’s name means, ‘God Saves!’

And He really does.

Then there’s my amazing household, who’s been so very patient with this temporarily single father, helping with hair-braiding and so much more. They’re such a loving family and I can’t thank God enough for putting me in their midst.

My kids don’t have a mom right now… and they’re smiling so big. Because God’s given them lots of other moms too, who have lots of things the real mama doesn’t have for them. The same works in reverse, Yvonne has things to give these other kids that their mama’s don’t have.

It’s one of the most gorgeous things that I’ve ever seen, the body of Christ, really, a body. Different gifts, hands, feet, arms and legs… all doing their part so that no part has lack. It’s the hope of the whole world. Not the village here in Selmer, but the body of Christ… this love and kindness. The real Church, doing what they’re supposed to do; love…


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