Allie and the Magic Egg

Last night, my Allie and I had a wonderful time.

There’s a period in the evening when the younger two have gove to bed, and Allie is left awake with daddy. I think she loves this time too.

But last night, we went outside; she with her book and I with my hammered dulcimer. We brought a lantern to keep watch by. And I took some pictures that really made me smile.

I love these pictures.

Now here’s what I thought would be fun… Let’s write a short story about them.

So, I challenge you to write some sort of fun fantasy, get out of your box… whatever. Have fun.

We’ll see what we come up with…




3 thoughts on “Allie and the Magic Egg

  1. Evan

    It had come from the forest behind our house. Sheepishly tip-toeing through the kitchen with her new found show-and-tell item, the creeking of wooden planks that ran from the kitchen into the dining room caused me to turn my head. My daughter Allie had all but passed by the doorway toward her room when I noticed the glow. It was nearing dusk, and I lazily emerged from my recliner in order to get a closer glance at what had peaked my interest.

    Upon entering the room of my self-proclaimed, young princess, my jaw dropped in a mechanical motion. On the third floor of her dollhouse pulsed an egg-shaped orb. “It’s beautiful and I need it.” Her words began defensively, but as she saw how apparently mesmerized by it I was, she continued, “Can I keep it, Daddy?” “What- Where did you find that, sweetie?” “Under the oak tree.” We just stared at it for what seemed like hours, then I insisted we take it out to the tool shed. To this day, I can’t quite remember why I chose the shed, but nothing seemed to make much sense at the time. The object had completely taken my thoughts captive.

    As I aproached the padlock to the dilapidated structure about 20 yards behind our house, I marvelled at the way my daughter’s hands seemed to simply disappear into the light. How was she holding the egg-like object? What did it feel like? I guess I’ll never know those answers. Looking back, I should have had more of an abject fear, but there was just something unexplainably soothing about that object.

    As we entered the dark room that began illuminating under the orb’s essence, Allie took a seat at my large work bench that took up the majority of the shed. Looking for whatever tools I had that might help me figure out just what we were dealing with, I heard the sound that instantly triggers a chain reaction of adrenaline and fear in every father; my princess screamed.

    Attempting to steady the object after it slipped off the plate my daughter had placed it on, Allie ran her arm over a screw that jutted out from the side of the workbench. Giving way to blood, the gash clearly called for the application of disinfectant and possibly stitches. In that instant, my focused was shifted entirely toward my daughter, and I failed to notice the orb begin to float upwards toward the A-framed roof.

    As I assessed the extent of the wound, Allie softly whispered, “Daddy it’s o.k., the egg will fix it.” Not a second later, a small beam of light quickly flashed the length of my daughter’s arm. Then darkness. Silence.

    I began feeling my way around the shed for the flashlight I was certain I had left on one of the shelves just days before. Finding it, I twisted the top until light filled the shed, then turned toward Allie. She was crying, but not from pain. “It’s gone, Daddy.” Noticing that the orb had indeed left somehow, I glanced down to see my daughter’s arm had been healed. No cut. No sign of blood.

    Carrying Allie back into the house, I exhausted my brain’s ability to make sense of the incident. I remember thinking how thankful I was that she had been healed, but wishing with everything in me that I knew the reasoning behind the source of her healing. Then, just as I started up the steps to the back porch, my attention was drawn to a reflection in one of the windows that looked into the house. It could never be proven, and I’d be a fool to share what I know I saw; the orb was once again floating above the cold earth of my backyard, and just before being extinguished once and for all, took on the form of a cross.


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