Do you believe in fairies? (a *true* story)

The evening was perfect… a late September evening. The air was cool and crisp.

We bundled up to go on our adventure. Daddy had a meeting to go to, so he wasn’t going to be able to come along on this one. But he was the one who started this tradition.

Let me explain, on nights where there is a full moon, you can get glimpses of fairies. It’s true! I’ve seen them. Sometimes they dance and play in the woods. Sometimes they ride on fireflies and dragonflies… but they’re there.

Daddy says that they’re always working. He says they’re God’s helpers; making things grow and bloom in the night. So when we wake up, new things are all around. But I’m telling you, I’ve seen them.


September 23rd… and as I was saying, that night was a perfect night for a fairy walk.

The sun had set, cleanup from dinner was done. We were all showered, and bouncing around, anxiously awaiting the moment when Mama would say, “Okay, it’s time to go!” It’s so hard to wait when you’re sooooo excited.

Daddy’s friend Josh came over. He said that he and Josh had an argument at work, and they had to work it out, so they were getting with friends to help them. But as daddy left, he told us that it was time to go get our friend, Luna. She was coming with us.

So off Daddy went, and off we went.

We got back to the house with Luna just in time. It was now very dark out. And I was sure it was time to go. I could hardly stand it.

Mama, me (Aletheia), my sisters, Adaryn and Chasah, and our friends, Luna and Lorien all headed off to the hill leading into the wood.

We skipped and giggled and now and then would get a little dose of fear. You never know what you’re going to see on a fairy walk. I know it’s safe… but still, they’re so unpredictable, and it’s night time. But what is amazing is the silver glow on everything.

The moon was shining so bright. It was just above the tree line, almost like it was looking down on us.

There’s a path up the hill leading to the woods. We call this wood the ‘Enchanted Forest,’ because it’s just an amazing place. When you enter, you always feel like you’ve entered somewhere special… and tonight, it was truly somewhere special.

The path goes straight into the wood, and as we approached, we saw something interesting. Usually, we start seeing the lights as we approach the outside of the woods… but this time, this time there was a flickering light dancing around, back in the center of the woods.

What was it?

I wanted so badly to run and see, but I couldn’t. I was too excited, and scared at the same time. What if it was the fairies themselves? We didn’t want to scare them away. So we crept, closer and closer… trying to see what this might be.

When we got within sight, we were so surprised at what we found.

There, on the floor beneath the canopy of trees was a ring of candles, 5 of them… the same as us. Outside the ring, next to each candle was a hand-made crown. They had made us a gift.

We all carefully chose one of the five, and put them on. And out, to our right and left, we saw their lights in the distance, happily dancing for us. It was amazing.

Luna and Lorien left their crowns as a return gift to the fairies, but I had to keep mine. I just couldn’t let it go. Fairies, real fairies had made me something…

I couldn’t wait to rush home and tell Daddy. He was so disappointed that he missed the best fairy walk ever. But I’m sure he’ll be at the next one. We’ll see what they do then.


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