I’m simply in awe…

My God, I love you more than I can ever say…

Your ways aren’t my ways, and I’m so grateful. My ways are vindictive and spiteful. I return evil for evil and I hurt with my tongue and actions… but You look at us, and you see one whole child, Your child, and you long so much to have us near You.

Oh, the lengths that you go to bring us near You. From the tides and shifting winds to the sweet breeze as we open the door in the morning, saying sweetly, “I love you, child.”

You orchestrate our comings and goings… and if we learn to hold Your mighty hand, it’s amazing how we can look back on it all, even the tragedy, and see that You were there all the while, helping along.

I just can’t praise You enough for being my great Father, Lord. I have no home but You. Your heart is where I long to rest. I want to be like you when I grow up… no… I want to be like You today.

Deal with me.

Take the spite out of me… the selfishness and hate… the envy and strife. I want to be able to see what you see when you look in our eyes.

It blows my mind how You came to show us just how far You’d go for us, just how much you valued us… You went all the way to death.

They’ve taken Your name and made a fool of it, Lord. People hate hearing about You… they’ve used Your name to do terrible things… but I know that You know all of that.

I can still look at those stories and see who You were. How You drew the worst of the worst to You… You gathered them like a hen gathers her chicks, and You loved them so much. They had so much value to You.

I can imagine the way You’d hold their faces and look in their eyes… who’d want anything but to be in Your presence. You’ve done the same for me, and there’s no place I’d rather be but with You. I want to gaze in Your eyes forever. I want to give the love You’ve offered me to everyone I see.

Thank You…

Thank You so much for never giving up on me.

Thank You for keeping me in Your amazing hands.

Do what You want with me my Lord, because I know that it will always be best. I’m Yours… Your’s alone…


One thought on “I’m simply in awe…

  1. Benjamyn Wilson

    Thank you for writing this. I know it’s just you pouring out to God, but this I feel is exactly what he wants from all of us. Thanks for being a friend to me.


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