A wonderful Sunday afternoon

Now and then I have to revel in how much I love the life that God’s blessed me with. Living communally, the lack of privacy, quiet and general ‘me’ time can really grate on a person.

As social as I may seem, I adore my room, in the dark, with my blanket and a really good movie.

But now and then, you get these moments to pause and look around. I’m amazed at what I see.

You see, I’m supposed to be on bed rest right now, recovering from the surgery I had last weekend. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I decided to come out in the living room and be with everyone.

Let me describe the scene for you…

One of my favorite people in the whole world, Tirzah is sitting here on the couch with me. She’s working on a fun story, and I on this blog. Tirzah has just about the most beautiful brown eyes you’ve ever seen, and she’s truly a delight to be around.

There’s 5 little girls, and one tiny brother, are all dressed up for a tea party (actually they had hot cocoa) and they’re watching black beauty. My littlest, Chasah, comes over to me every few minutes to check on me and just be around.

Yvonne is in the kitchen with Logan, Benjamyn and Pamela. They’re making veggie burgers and fried potatoes for dinner, and picking on each other as the process goes on.

Ahabah is bustling back and forth, getting little things done here and there.

Other kids are reading or playing games on the computer.

The weather outside is gray and cold, and the house just feels so warm. I’m loving my blanket. I’m loving the peaceful business going on here.

I love that we’re not alone. Our house is full of misfits and odd-balls… and we’re learning to love each other.

I wouldn’t want it any other way.


2 thoughts on “A wonderful Sunday afternoon

  1. Ahabah

    John, I’m so glad that you were feeling well enough to be out with the gang. It was nice to see you and Tirzah enjoying each others company! I love it when Jubilee and Pamela come over and feel at home here! Love you! Thanks for posting your gratefulness, frustrations, weaknesses; letting us all into your life and heart, sharing your love for God and his people! God bless you abundantly!


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