I’d Rather Be An Idiot!

So, I posted what I did yesterday because I really wanted to get moving in a direction of talking of talking about life in God from a different perspective.

God has loved me. He’s loved me a lot. He’s been relentlessly patient with my stubborn self. But that’s because He’s not surprised at all by my stubborn self. In fact, He made my stubborn self.

I didn’t pick my ‘religion’ because I agreed with it. Simply put, the more I paid attention to it, the more that I saw it was true. Even when I desperately tried to run away from it, God followed me and hunted me down. (and I’d bet there’s more than a few of you being hunted down as you’re reading this… if you pay attention) He called me out to lead a different life, a life that doesn’t honestly make much practical sense in a concrete and technologically driven world… at least, not until you let it take hold of you.

I think that a lot of religion and philosophy is wishful thinking. That may step on some toes, but I believe that it’s true. It’s often good wishful thinking, but wishful thinking no less; often shaping our ‘god’, ‘religion’ or philosophy in the image of how we think that things should go.

Before I try to get to my point, I need to say that I’ve been noticing more and more lately, the sickly lack of reverence that our culture has for anything. Very little is sacred, and true fear of the Most High God is pretty much nil. People in our society just don’t think that way.

We’re an exceedingly compartmentalized people who can read something that’s completely challenging and inspiring to our lives, get excited about it, tell our friends about it… and yet, never once consider actually doing it. If you watch for it, and are honest with yourself, you’ll see it in many facets of your life. But then, maybe I’m just an idealistic slug. The more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I get with the way I let things go in one ear and out the other…

I don’t want to simply be a hearer… I want to be a doer.


So, on to being an idiot.

The other day myself and a couple of friends were talking about the mindset that says, “Wasn’t that neat what God did?”

You know the type. They see God in everything; the sunrise, the moon, the flowers, the pleasant experience that they had waking up in the morning and sitting in the quiet… even down to hitting a green light at the right moment.

I’m not trying to idealize myself, but I often think that way, and I get picked on about it by some. It can make some people uncomfortable.

So, this one friend pulled me aside and challenged me. He said, “What proof do we have that it’s God? How can we have facts?”

I said, “I have no clue.”

So I went off and thought about it.

The movie ‘Signs’ popped into my head. There’s that wonderful scene with Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix where they’re talking about how there’s two different sorts of people in the world; simply, one sees God in everything, and one sees that He’s alone, and fighting for Himself.

Granted, this thought is much more subjective, and it may leave you scratching your head, but I think the thought is worth tossing out there, especially for those who claim to follow the Messiah. And this can be a rather hard view to swallow.

So here goes…

I propose it’s better to look like an idiot and look for the hand of God in everything. And for the record, I’m not just talking about having rose colored glasses on. I’M TALKING ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING.

That’s where it get’s hard to swallow.

You may ask…

“So, you’re saying I should take it as God’s doing if I lose my job?”


“… if my dog dies?”


“… if I break down on the side of the highway?”


“… if I’m stuck in line at the grocery store and there’s some obnoxious guy belittling the cashier?”


“… death?”

And I’m speaking from experience here… yes.

As I said in the last post, our world is poisoned… and God is relentlessly trying to reach out to His children. If you’re reading this, and have a pulse, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HIS CHILD! Sick and sad things happen everywhere. I can’t explain why. I hate it. I stinkin hate it. Rape, death, hate crimes, theft, disease, divorce… I hate it.

But God, God is so much bigger. And with tears I say to you that He is mighty and holds life and death in His hands. He sets the rising and setting of the sun and knows every detail of every man, woman and child. He causes the rain to wet the just and the unjust… and personally, I believe that He watches with tears.

But each of us, especially those who join the Kingdom, are remedies to that.

We are a new race who embody The Living God in the Earth. WE ARE CHRIST! And we are the cure for the pain.

Mother Teresa didn’t try to cure sickness… she came along side men and women in their suffering.

Why? Because that’s what God did.

In Christ, God came along side of us in our suffering. He wanted us to know that we weren’t alone.

I can’t begin to even try to explain or fathom why He doesn’t fix it all, I feel like I’d be giving some cheap, prepackaged thought…

I don’t take writing this lightly. It’s a huge perspective change, and requires a fairly un-westernized and fairly un-politically correct shift. To fear and respect the God of all creation really means to lower your head in His presence and say to Him, “I can’t even fathom your ways.”

And these can’t be cheap words… this is a resignation to give over our sight, and take on His. He has a vision for humanity that is far beyond ours… and from my experience, the more I allow Him to give me His eyes, the more compassion and love wells up inside of me like a spring.

And here’s the result…

If you let the Father of all creation give you His eyes, the eyes He has for each and every one of His children, then you become the answer to prayer. We, the Kingdom, are the solution. We are the suffering servants. We ease the pain. We bring the music that sets hearts at ease. We are meant to be the hands and feet of God. We are meant to live day in and day out, practicing the Father’s love. How will they know Him unless they see us live it… and how can we live it, unless we give ourselves over to this unimaginable, unfathomable, unexplainable love?

He gave us a promise, that I know without a shadow of a doubt is true!!! And that is that all things work together for the good of those who love Him. And the more that I get to know Him, the more that I find that I truly do love the Father, and all of His mighty ways.

Again, these aren’t cheap words. And you can’t just say that to someone going through suffering and agony. We have to be them! We have the privilege of not merely talking about God, but being the revelation. We get to do exactly what Christ did for us… a demonstration of the heart of God.

I think I’ll stop there for today…


3 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be An Idiot!

  1. Barry Reid

    Thanks John. We have been going through particularly hard times these last few weeks. I really needed to hear this.


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