Staring at the Sky

Tonight it’s amazing outside.

My wife was out grocery shopping, and I was snuggled up with my girls watching Christmas movies. Yvonne sent me a text that I needed to go outside and appreciate the moon.

So I did.

It was stunning. Seriously, I’ve not seen the sky so beautiful in so long. I can’t imagine it more beautiful.

This is probably gonna sound weird, but I loved it… here’s what I saw in the sky.

The stars were bright, almost like a poster of galaxies far away. The black behind them was so deep and rich, and it all looked so very infinite. Deep as the deepest thing I could imagine. The sight of the stars alone brought tears to my eyes.

The moon was alive as a giant white hot ember in the sky. The glow was incredible.

So I walked around our village. I was overwhelmed by gratefulness for these people. How amazing it is for this many people to move in together, and try hard every day to stay together… and not kill each other in the process.

I looked up again, and the clouds looked like a giant rib cage. I know, it sounds goofy. But that’s what it looked like. This giant rib cage in the sky. It was huge. Like this giant chest stretched out, with the bones perfectly spaced.

It made me think about a sort of phrase that we have here, about people having big hearts, and big chests. We’ll say that someone has a lot of room for people inside of them.

And that’s what I saw in the sky… was a whole lot of room. This ginormous symbol of just how gigantic the Father’s heart for us is. There’s so much room in there. He loves having us in His chest, curled up and safe. And He loves for us to carry each other around in our chests, safe inside a friend.

That’s the only way that this life can work. We have to stretch out our ribs (which can really stinkin hurt) and make room for people to live inside of us; bearing their weaknesses and pain and sufferings… rejoicing in their victories. We are one.

As I continued to walk, the clouds took a new form.

The chest was closed up, and wings spread out, almost like pictures I’ve seen of the phoenix, wide and massive. The torso was like a huge beast, and the head of a mighty lion roaring into the night sky.

I was tearing up. It was simply so majestic. The wings spread from the north to the south, and the moon rested in the middle, like a piercing and glowing heart. The head looked to the west and had it’s gaping mouth open as if in a deafening roar.

I can’t really describe what I felt inside.

I lifted my hands and gave worship to my true Father. My Father who lets us take shelter under His wings.

If you answer to the roaring lion, He will surely gather you into His fold. There’s always room.

He’s taking back what is His… one by one.

(I hope that wasn’t too weird for anyone)


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