A Father’s Gaze- Know Who You Really Are

It’s Christmas time, and I let my kids stay up way too late. But I think it’s okay to let that slide now and then.

My little fairy, Aletheia, my oldest, has a rough time falling asleep. What makes it worse, is that she’s a total night owl, and she’s a blast to hang out with at night. Simply put, she’s just more herself in the late night hours.

So, it’s 10:20, and she really needs to go to sleep.

I’ve got her in bed and decide to give some soothing daddy time.

Sometimes I forget how absolutely crucial this is for the little ones. As soon as I sat down by her side on the bed and started stroking her hair, she just started gazing up I to my eyes.

She’s just so beautiful. I can hardly stand it, she’s my little angel. But she was there, looking up at me with those deep blues, and was soaking in my love. I could tell that it was truly feeding her.

I started telling her just how much I love her and that “she’s mine” and things like that. She just snuggled down, secure in the lavishing of love.

It made me think of what I think God would love to do for us every day.


Last night, I got the privilege of being invited to a campfire gathering of a whole bunch of young people. They wanted to get together and talk about God. The asked me to bring my guitar and share some stuff too.

As the night went on, we sang songs and talked about things that we were all going through. It was nice. At one point though, I wanted to sing them a particular song. It’s a rendition of the Lord’s Prayer by Jon Foreman of Switchfoot called, ‘Your Love Is Strong.’

The bulk of the song though, it’s drive is that the love of the Father overpowers everything. His love is truly strong. And after singing the song, I really wanted to drive that home to the kids, and I’d like to drive it home to you as well…

Did you know that you are the Father’s precious child?

He has made you, YOU, for a reason. He created you and your personality to express some part of Him that He wanted to show the world. Yes, God made you to express a part of His very nature and being through you to the world around you.

He knew long before the earth was made that in you, in all of your victories and failures, some part of His nature would be brought to the world. He knows your rising and comings and goings, He sees it all, and He desperately wants you to gaze up at Him and see His face. He wants the gaze to be unbroken. He hates the things that get in between you and Him because He simply loves you so dearly.

You belong to Him and Him alone… and He is so desperately in love with you.

Don’t forget it.

Let it soak in. Let it overcome all of your inhibitions. Let it take over your whole being.

Stay next to Him.

Become who you’re made to be…

Filled with that love, you can overcome any obstacle that you have today.

Filled with that love, you can have so much to give to everyone that you touch and see today.


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