Treat em Like You’re God- mwahahahahaha!!!!

Okay, so the title is goofy.

This post is simple.

In my devotions today I found this quote from Francis Schaeffer.

“Our conscious relationship with God is enhanced if we treat all the things he has made in the same way as he treats them.”

I’d like to simply let it speak for itself, but I’m too obnoxious for that.

This is worth dwelling on, A LOT!

I think we forget sometimes that our relationship with God is just that, a RELATIONSHIP.

Just like any friend, you talk, laugh, sing, play, argue, cry with… but on a far far deeper scale.

And the way we show friends that we love them and care is by spending time with them, being with them… dare I say it… listening to them.

That’s all.

I hope you’re all having a miraculous day. (if not, ask God about it… walk outside, He’ll show you something…or someone)


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