Christians… Dare to Dream

Origen of Alexandria, a third-century Bible scholar, wrote that “as we — ​by our prayers — ​vanquish all the demons that stir up war, and lead to the violation of oaths, and disturb the peace, we in this service are much more helpful to the kings than those who go into the field to fight for them. None fight better for the king than we do. We do not indeed fight under him, although he demands it; but we fight on his behalf, forming a special army of piety by offering our prayers to God.”

This was in todays reading from the ‘Common Prayer’ book. I thought it was worth a meditation. Please take the time to really read through that quote and absorb what it actually is saying.


You, Christian, are the keeper of a great treasure. You have tasted the flame and Spirit of the most high God, and you are charged with carrying the world.

You, are a plural you.

You are called to bless the nations. (not just your nation… all nations)

“Go forth from your country and from your relatives, and from your Father’s house, to the land which I will show you;

And I will make you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing…”

God’s commandment and promise is sure and true.

Set aside the cares of this world and do not neglect good work. Don’t seek for what perishes and passes away, but seek to bless all around you.

Right where you are, you can be the answer to the prayers of many.

Right where you are, you have a ministry, and are able to leave behind everything, and follow God… right where you are.

There’s someone near you who needs love. There’s someone around you who needs help. There’s someone who needs a hug or a smile, or an honest and true word.

We fight for the souls of all men and women and children.

Look around you and see with God’s eyes, let Him pull the scales from them so that you can see the hurting and needy around you. Everyone that you see and pass by today, is a dear and precious child to the most high God. They are precious in His eyes, and we are His hands and feet.

We can make the world light with our every action, prayer and breath.

We are like a secret army, fighting for a deeper peace than men can imagine.

Dare to imagine the reconciliation of all men. Dare to dream dreams that are huge and rich with healing… and then, dare to live them.


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