Something sick, and something beautiful

Well, the other day my friend, Shammah posted something about a video he had seen on ‘God Tube’…

The video was sick. But you may find it normal if you watch it. But there’s things there to look very closely at. So, before you read on, you should watch it to have any clue what I’m saying.

The one that stuck out to me the most, however, was the guy who gave his life digging wells, helping orphans and so on. Of course they had the guy act a little arrogant. And then, they weigh out his ‘goodness’ and sure enough, he didn’t make the cut.

Then, the dumb looking, dopey ‘christian’ walks up with a folder filled with sins… Jesus himself, (you could tell it was him because he had a goofy shirt on that said ‘Jesus’) he walks up and takes the scale for the bum.

Am I mistaken? Did not Isaiah say that true religion was caring for widows and orphans. And if you read Shammah’s blog, you’ll see an irrefutable passage, straight from the lips of Christ, talking of what the judgment truly is.

A video like this is irresponsible and gives license to so many bad paths. Those unfamiliar with these sorts of doctrines are easily left to believe that whatever powerless and impotent god set this standard has been now thwarted by his… um… son? Because if this Jesus fellow stands up for us, and God looks at him instead of us… then I guess we’re okay? What?

What on earth is that?

It makes no sense whatsover!!!

I know Jesus. He’s changed my life…. HE’S CHANGED ME! And he didn’t do it by making God look at Him instead of me, He did it for real. He entered my life and day by day is transforming me.

Ask anyone who knew me 10 years ago. I’m not the same.

Ask anyone who knew me 1 year ago. I’m not the same.

My Father, the God of creation is awesome. Because I’m a sick, self-driven individual, and He’s bit by bit working His way through the blackened nooks and crannies of my heart. I’m so thankful for it.

I’m really glad that I’m not amassing some massive file folder of sin and mistakes that God’s going to have to overlook because of some dogmatic loop hole. I get to look at my mistakes each and every day in the lap of my Father. He sends His Spirit to guide me, and the Church around me, day by day, to truth. And if you see good fruit in us, then well, there ya go. It’s because He’s really really real!

Anyway… I’m glad I’m His. I’m glad that the Father wants me, and you, near him, and He truly did send His son to bring us there.

I suppose that the main reason I’m posting this, is because I don’t want my friends believing and following a weak kneed, powerless god that can’t ever change you, help you, truly set you free, but only pretend or turn a blind eye away from you, and act like nothing ever happened.

I don’t want you to miss out on what the power of Christ can really do. If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!… and not just in theory.


3 thoughts on “Something sick, and something beautiful

  1. Joseph

    Hello John, how are you? Good I hope. I apologize for just coming in here without fist having attempted to catch up. Though the most I would be able to pull off is a message, and we both know that would not suffice. I should say I hope you remember me, we worked at Threshold. I remember you, you were one of the bright spots of that place, and I always enjoyed being around you. Though I also remember causing a ruckus, which was not my intention.

    Anyways, I wanted to express agreement with your blog entry, and I love your passion and your zeal for Him and the work He has done in your life. It is always a beautiful and wonderful work, that He has started, is now doing, and will complete.

    I also have some questions, I want to know more of how you think.

    First one, how do you think God views sin and people who sin?

    1. John Cullimore Post author


      Thanks for the comment.

      These are all things that I’m still wrapping my brain around myself. I say that because we’ve been very polluted by an unfounded and far off mentality that is the current state of the Church. And we’ve been taught a lot of things that simply don’t hold water with Christ taught.

      So what I’ve been doing, is backing up, asking God for help to wipe the slate clean, and re-looking at what Jesus really taught. There’s some seriously tough stuff in there, and it is deeply convicting and revealing.

      But before I just drop what I think God thinks about sin, I’d like to say what I think He thinks is important, and we can go from there. He said that loving God with all your heart, and loving your neighbor as yourself sum up the whole of the law and the prophets. Don’t let it get too deep and thick. It can get messy.

      Usually, when we get to the specifics, we call all start arguing about this or that. But we know what we should do.

      But as far as how God views sinners, look at the prodigal son, the parable of the lost sheep, the lost coin. They’re all very revealing of the Father’s heart. His heart is broken, just as in the garden of Eden, when we choose our own way, a way that separates us from Him. We move ourselves out of His presence by choosing sin. But our very nature, our very core is made to be with Him. And He looks with longing for us to return, and goes and searches out the valleys and high lands to bring us home.

      That’s the picture that Christ painted. His love is huge.

      I’m excited to be back in touch Joe!

  2. Yvonne

    For real! Do the people who make this stuff not have a bible? What about the whole “sheep and goats” bit? Clearly the man serving mankind would fall into the “sheep” category, “Lord, when did I do anything for you?” and he replies that anything they did for the least of these they did to him. Likewise the man who did no good in his life but is still hoping this dillited version of “grace” will help him, by Jesus own teaching is a “goat” who ignored Christ when he was sick, imprisoned, starving, and naked. Therefore he would be one whom Jesus “never knew”, not one about whom Jesus would casually say, “Oh, he’s with me.”


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