Built for Glory, Made to Last

I’ve had a lot of talks with friends lately about the nature of God.

If we’re truly honest with ourselves, I think we’ll admit that we can look around and go, “Wow, this world is seriously messed up? What on earth are you thinking? Why? Why? Why?”

It’s not easy to be here, and to be human. It’s not easy to try and live. It’s just downright hard. What’s comforting is that God knew that, and that’s why Christ came. But that’s a whole different topic.

The apostle Paul stated repeatedly in Romans that it really isn’t our place to question the creator. I know, it’s not an easy pill to swallow. We like to question everything. We want to define everything. We can call ourselves abstract all that we want, but in the end, us westerners love to have it in a box, and figured out.

God’s just not that way. The longer that I live, the more grateful I am for it. God doesn’t let me figure him out. He’s really a good dad, and he lets us make loads of mistakes, and hurt, and be in pain… I’m positive, downright positive that it’s not easy for him to watch, but he lets us none the less. He loves to let us be his hands and feet. He gives us the freedom to make a heaven of our world, or a literal hell. It’s all right in our hands… we pick.

So, I’m gonna leave all of that thought, and give you some lyrics that really touched me today. I was riding my bike, and listening to one of my favorite bands, The Lost Dogs. They’ve got quite a variety of styles and such, sort of a blend of Americana music… and today, this one really hit home with me. Just worth the contemplation, that we’re built for Glory, both God’s and ours. We’re built to be part of something more.

Built For Glory, Made to Last

from the album “Scenic Routes”

(Music and lyrics by Terry Taylor)

I found an old man lying on the street
thought I’d do my good deed
I wrapped my coat around him
and gave him food to eat
With labored breath he struggled
but his eyes held heaven’s light
He whispered ‘Young man don’t feel bad for me,
it will all work out alright’

I was built for glory
I was made to last
God formed these feet to walk golden streets
when this hard life is past
Say “he’s doin’ well on the
other side” If anybody asks
say I was built for glory
I was made to last

He said I’ve been a Texas ranger
and I’ve been a railroad man
Lost two sons to consumption
Lost my money in a get rich scam
Buried my wife fifteen years ago
that’s when I took to the road
I’m too crippled now to walk again
but I’ll walk those streets of gold


I asked “What’s your name?”
He shook his head, said “It don’t really matter
I’m just another poor soul out on the street
whose rewards in the great hereafter
and Jesus been a friend of mine
when all others passed me by
but He led you here so I could say
these words before I die” yeah


The old man held me by the hand
and sighed his final breath
Now his spirit is in heaven
while his body is at rest
Today I’m makin it my mission
to help others understand
We’re all fish out of water
Strangers in a foreign land

We were built for glory
We were made to last
God formed our feet to walk golden streets
when this hard life is past
It’s time to make your peace with God
cause this life’s over fast
and we were built for glory
We were made to last


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