Live differently today

Here’s a bit of motivation that hit me this morning in a hard way: Today, you need to walk around differently. I’ll tell you why.

I’m hoping that you’re reading this in the morning, so you can take all day to think on this, meditate, ruminate on it, and know that there’s nothing else to really consider.

You… yes, you, are a child of God, made in the image of God.

He made you to have fellowship with Him, and walk, no longer as a mere man, but as the literal and real member of a new race that began with the resurrection of Christ, our Lord.

And now, because of the amazing gift of His Son, for the forgiveness of your sins, in you, dwells the Spirit of the living God.

The same Spirit who spoke with Moses from the bush, sat with Abraham outside his tent, walked in the garden of Eden…

The same Spirit that brought power from Heaven to Elijah, who wrought plagues upon Egypt, who drove chariots of fire…

The Spirit that burned inside of David, parted the sea, made the sun stand still…

The very same Spirit that healed lepers and touched the face of prostitutes and gave the poor a friend. The same Spirit that empowered and burned inside of Christ, now dwells in you.

Paul meant it when he said that your body is a temple. The Spirit dwells inside of you. You carry with you the very Spirit of the Living God who created Heaven and Earth.

Respect it- honor it- yield to it- and stop trying to grunt along on your own. Set your mind on those things that are His, and leave behind what is not. Set your mind on the things above, and let the Spirit have his full and mighty way with you.

That Spirit will lead you into Christ- fully into Him. And in Him, you can do all things; you can conquer anything.

Now, as a child of God, knowing this, can you live the same? I’m not talking about the rest of your life, just today… Today, dwell on this. Ask God to make this deeply real to you, to have a deep reverence for what you carry around in you, that makes you, you.


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