Little children, love one another

A friend of mine found a story in a book full of early Church history. The story really hit me, and the more that I think on it, the more it means to me.

First let me state a couple of things…

I believe that we have to fight not to be hard hearted.

I believe that we have to grapple with the fact that most, if not EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US AMERICAN CHRISTIANS, would be lumped in with Pharisees and Scribes that Christ so thoroughly rebuked. (if you don’t believe this, please stop reading, because you’ll hate where this is going.)

I believe that we like to think we’re right. We love to have our ducks in a row. We love to label, systematize, and put things in neat boxes, formulas and methodologies.

I believe that all of this is sin.

I wish I could shake the evil ‘rightness’ out of us all, so that we could see real and pure light. I wish someone would slap the urge to argue and debate in battles of words right out of me. I wish we could all simply rest in the fact that God is God, and we need to simply be near Him. He can defend himself, and you can be darn sure that He can defend us as well… if we’re not too busy fighting.

We miss so much much of the central message of Christ because we’re so busy pontificating ‘rightness’ instead of being obedient children.

So here’s the story…

When the apostle John had grown very old, he was nearing the turn of a century of life, he had become slow and unable to move well. At gatherings, he had to be helped in, and sometimes carried.

Many would speak, but at every gathering, John would speak up, and say the same thing…

“Little children; love one another.”

Over… and over…. and over…

“Little children; love one another.”

Gathering after gathering, he would speak the same thing. Never anything new or different.

“Little children; love one another.”

Eventually, the other men became annoyed, and finally asked him, “Why do you keep saying this to us?”

His reply…

“Because if you do it- it is enough.”

This is the teachings of a dying apostle. The last one left. All the others had gone on in glorious martyrdom. He didn’t speak a systematic theology. He didn’t give the four spiritual laws. He didn’t teach on the Romans Road. He didn’t talk of heaven and hell. What are the words of this dying man? He talked about here, and now.

“Little children; love one another.”

Is it enough for you?

Can you believe what Jesus said? That the greatest commands were to love God with your everything, and to love your neighbor as yourself?

Do you want to argue with John? I know that I often do…

But it covers everything… like our Lord said, it covers the law, and all of the prophets.

So I’ll repeat it again- and challenge us all to live this way today.

“Little children; love one another…. for if you do, it is enough.”


2 thoughts on “Little children, love one another

  1. Joseph

    I like the way you play out the dialogue between John and those he is writing too, it helps to bring out the emphasis of the passage.

    I love how John uses the ‘little children’, it seems like such a beautiful endearing term coming from Scripture like that, coupled with a command that is at once both simple, profound, and impossible (in the sense of perfect love.)

    1. John Cullimore Post author

      I used to think it was impossible too… But I’m starting to really really believe man. He’s made us to dwell inside of him and display his perfect love. It’s ours for the taking.

      We embrace the cross- a life for a REAL LIFE. our life for his. We become part of Christ. We will honestly see amazing and wonderful things happen!

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