From sunlight to food -or- aspiring to be more of a vegetable

A friend and I were out picking kudzu on my lunch break. (yes, kudzu- it’s great to juice and use in salads… but that’s another post) It was hot and sticky, but everything was soooooooo green. I loved it.

The color green blows my mind. I love it. It’s truly gorgeous. I don’t like it on walls and such, but outside. It means ‘nutrients.’ It means LIFE! It’s so great.

So out there picking away, something caught my attention.

These plants take the sunlight, and turn it in to food for us and other animals. They stretch out to the sky and somehow by God’s magic harness this intangible thing we call light, and turn it into life-giving food and energy for us to feast on.

I believe that much of God’s nature is reflected throughout many aspects of creation. They’re there to show us things…

So that  got me thinking about Christ.

This is what Christ did. The intangible and unfathomable God, was transformed into flesh for us to feast on.

Isn’t that awesome?

I certainly think so.

People can balk and protest the thought and idea of Christ all they want. But it’s truly beautiful that God wants to know us so very much, that he channeled his massiveness into a human child, to walk around, teach, confront, and show us what he really looked like.

His teachings are a feast, and they’re hard and good. And he longs to feed and water us daily with his living and breathing word… with his Spirit.

And so that brings me to our part, as children of God, in the process of spiritual photosynthesis. We take the intangible Spirit of Christ, of God, and are made to do just as Christ did, to turn it into tangible food for the world around us.

We’re made to be like vegetation, soaking in the sun, and through the power of God, transforming it into food.

What an awesome life! And what an awesome picture!

May we give all around us a feast of the love and nature of the Father. May we walk and talk like Christ, as he walked and talked like the Father.




4 thoughts on “From sunlight to food -or- aspiring to be more of a vegetable

  1. Shammah

    Isaiah 61:3 says we will be like trees of righteousness. Plants actually use the energy of light to combine carbon and oxygen from the air with nitrogen from the ground to grow themselves. When we eat the plants, we get the energy from the sunlight when we burn those plant molecules.

    Thus, as trees of righteousness we combine the light from heaven with what is needed from the earth to grow ourselves and feed the world. It’s an awesome picture. We are givers, not takers, becoming “the Word made flesh” to feed the world.

  2. Robert

    Thats really beautiful . I need creation to bring me back . This mind i have has a mind of its own and my spirit has to force my mind to think of heavenly things and often my spring board is the Lords creation. One look at His amazing handy work and wow what a artzy God we have. really you could spend days in awe looking at one leaf . and People do. So be still and know He is God.


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