Help My Unbelief

We never like hearing that we’re to simply follow blindly. It’s just no fun, and we all know that it’s true. But Christ asked people repeatedly to do just that. To ‘come and see’ and learn from him.

He didn’t leave much room for rebellious questioning either. Those who came at him with unbelief were typically left unanswered, or bleeding from the ears from the response that they received.

Arrogance, believing in ourselves over our maker breeds rebellion.

Sure, none of us want to say, “Oh yeah, I believe in what I feel far more than what God is trying to say.” But many of us say it with our lives.

It can be hard to swallow what God gives us. He set a precedent with Abraham as to what we’re to expect from our walk with God, both individually and corporately as a people. He asked Abraham to leave everything and follow. . . Christ did the same.

God asked Abraham to put his son on the altar and slay him. God asks us to do the same with our lives, our opinions, our agenda.

But, none of this comes without the hope of the promised land. God gave Abraham an inheritance beyond measure, and God offers the same to us, each and every day.

God offers us life, if we put the whole thing on the altar, and follow Him.

There’s a movie of the life of Abraham, and in it, there’s a scene where Abraham is teaching Isaac how to offer a sacrifice. It’s beautiful. They bind the ram, and Abraham says to Isaac, “Now keep it calm son, keep it calm. It must be a willing sacrifice. It must be still.”

We have to do the same. The wisdom of God seems so upside down to our mentalities. It doesn’t seem to line up with our survivalist nature. It sacrifices instead of defends. It gives instead of takes. In fact, it builds by giving and being poured out, instead of by taking and consuming.

This is the life we must expect from following the maker of the world. He sent His very mind, the Logos of God, in the form of Christ, a man, to show us exactly what it will look like when we give up our silly little paths and follow.

And Christ met up with basically two types of people; those who said, “Surely you are the Christ, just say the word and I will be healed.” And those who didn’t. . . and they were left empty handed. The former left with life, and life eternal.

With all of that being said, there are two types of questioning we can bring to our lord…

One says, “I don’t believe you.”

The other says, “Help my unbelief.”

One is challenging the maker of the universe. The other is saying, “I want to be with you, but I simply don’t know how to digest what you’re telling me to do.” It’s not that we won’t have question for the Lord, we will, it’s a matter of looking inside and knowing for sure who’s really got the answers. . . you, or God.

He will meet you.

He will help your unbelief.


One thought on “Help My Unbelief

  1. Rachel F.

    that is really good. I can see the difference between challenging and accepting what God has for you to do. i think of my mom and me obeying her. I must always lean into what she says but there is always room for “can you help me understand why?” AFTER I obey.


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