Do You See It?

I love the sky

It’s a simple concept, but it often causes great rage within us.

“Because they do not regard the works of the Lord, nor the deeds of His hands, He will tear them down and not build them up.”

What a statement. It’s from Psalm 28. It’s quite a prayer.

It’s often very frustrating and difficult for us to acknowledge the hand of God and all of his works and deeds. It can raise a thousand and one questions to which I simply don’t have the answer. . . But in the end, God’s hand is everywhere.

He’s there, beside us, wanting to work through the horrific tragedy that we wreak upon one another. Whether in the jungles of Africa and the torture of children, to the abusive enslavement of generations to hollywood in America, God is trying to work.

God is there, attempting to reach in and help us. Why? Why on earth would he be mindful of us? Why?

I don’t know… but he is.

And here’s the clincher on that passage above; David seems to believe that because people don’t look for the work of God in and through our world, God makes a choice to not build them up.

So many times we’ve seen people like Mother Teresa, Shane Claiborne, Kathy Kelly, Rich Mullins. . . I’m sure you could list them off. There’s many that I could list off right here that you’ve never heard of. But these people were not, are not rich by any means. In fact, some of them you could downright say that they are stricken by God. Their lives are riddled with tragedy, but yet, a smile beamed, or still yet beams across their faces.


Because they made, and are making a choice.

They’re looking for the hand of God. They’re looking for the presence of their glorious Lord and master.

They’re not afraid of laws passed, or governments or tyrants. They know who is truly in charge, and that nothing escapes his gaze.

And they are built up by God.

When we make the choice to look for him in all things, to ask him to reveal himself in all things, the God of all creation will truly show himself to you!

One of my favorite passages in all the scriptures is from Malachi.

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and test me now in this. . . if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.”

Just to be clear, the word ‘tithe’ isn’t referring to the bogus nonsense that churches preach and use to fund their buildings and pastor’s salaries. The tithe was for the people, together. The tithe was for a big party for the people of God to celebrate and delight in the Lord’s abundance. Honest… go look!

Anyway, God says, through Malachi that if we put everything that we’ve got into the Kingdom of God, He’ll give us everything he’s got as well. He even goes so far as to say, “test me now in this”. This is pretty well the only time in the scriptures where the God of creation is inviting us to put him to the test.

May we take this challenge seriously.

You can’t lie about it, and pretend. . . this is the God who formed you in the womb. This is the God who designed you to be who you are. This God had a plan to express some part of who he is through your personality. . . through your eyes.

Look for him, he’s looking for you.


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