Surrender, Parenthood, homeschooling and God the Father – part 4 – So what’s this got to do with School?

again, please read the first 3 parts of this before reading today’s.


It amazes me how much we’ve allowed ourselves to degrade the supposedly mundane aspects of life. Fatherhood itself has been turned into bumbling and stubborn idiots who are more in the way than they are a resting place and a help.

Being a mom is great in the spotlight, as long as you retain the sexy physique and look good doing it.

Being single is a playground of indulgence.

Children and teens are treated as animals made only to consume and behave as rabbits in heat. ( I know it sounds blunt – but c’mon, watch TV for an hour or two and you’ll see little ones behaving in the most shallow and carnal ways possible, giving in to every urge they can think of )

This brings me back to my original point in post #1… everything is school. Every minute of every day we are learning. We’re feeding one of two beings at any given moment; one is meant to commune with God, the other will slowly but surely disconnect you from all reality, leaving you alone and an empty shell.

The supposed mundane, which from this point on I will call “reality” is not mundane at all.

Real work, real things, real relationships, real songs, real movies, real dish washing, and real hugs and kisses are all amazing.

Real fights are so much better than chat room contention. Real love, and not just sex, but relationships, is superior to pornography in every way. Real work, hard work that gives you callouses and back pain is so much better than virtual entertainment.

Loving things that grow. Exploring the dirt. Finding new sounds. Listening. Learning with every turn.

I want real life and I want to feed this real life to my family.

But here’s the clincher on all of this. In no way, shape or form am I saying that we should throw away our phones, iPads, TVs and close our Facebook accounts.

I’m saying that I want to live the life that is actually in front of me, here and now.

So what’s this got to do with homeschooling and unschooling? I’m so glad you asked.

It has to do with living a life of learning and growing. A life that is life-giving. Learning to engage in every situation with delight and joy. It is a life that lives in resistance to a culture of consumption. It is a life where we choose to go against the grain of devouring one another, consuming one another… a life that only teaches ourselves and our children that things, as well as people, are commodities to be taken in and spit out like machines burning fuel.

If we’re going to send our country in a better direction, if I want to send my family, and my church in a better direction, I have to change my mindset about everything. I have to resist this mindset so ingrained in me that my every motivation seems to be self-gratification.

I will write more songs. But they will be to fill the hearts of others.

I will record more music, but it will give life to my family and my church, it won’t drain.

I will do more things than I ever imagined as I explore the world with my girls, friends and family. It will help and not hinder, it will fertilize and not deplete. It will add and not detract. It will bloom and not destroy.

I believe that we can learn to plant seeds wherever we step, and I believe that we can learn to teach our children a different way. It’s not sheltering your kids to take them out of the system, wrap your heart and soul around them and let them explore the world within your arms. That’s not extreme, it’s my responsibility as a parent.

Even beyond that, the only hope that we can give this world is to give our lives as parents to our children; not in making them the center of our world, because that will only train them to be brats. But  instead, to give our lives in taking seriously the fact that we are parents, and there can be no resting from that.

Take pride in each dish you do. Take pride in each skinned knee you repair.

Delight as they dance on your feet. Encourage them to dig in and find things. Play with them. Touch them. Hold them. Be WITH them. Whatever you do, do it with them.

Don’t default to the ways of the system. Find what way your kid learns best. Find where they want to be. Maybe it is a school setting. Maybe it’s the middle of the night on the living room floor. Who knows… but take it seriously and facilitate their growth with zeal.

When we willingly and wholeheartedly choose to surrender our aspirations of independence for the sake of family… when we give our lives to lift others on our shoulders to learn, we will raise children that will undoubtedly do the same for others.

“We love because He first loved us…” this is the pattern God has set before us. Let’s pass it on to everyone around. Love first. Give first. Die first. . . it will spread like wildfire.

um… i think that’s all I have to say about that.


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