How God Unschooled Me

I haven’t done a whole lot on this blog as of late. There’s a good few projects I’m working on.

A new, full length cd with my wife and a few friends.

And an ebook. The eBook is an incarnation of this blog in carry-along-with-you print form. Right now it’s for sale on Kindle for a mere $3.95. Your purchase will fund future projects. I’m actually working on another book tentatively called “Don’t Call Me Father”… it’s about daddy issues as you could imagine. But I’m pretty excited to write an intentional, and (hopefully) full length book.

The ebook is called “Bigger than my Box.”

I really like how it’s turned out. Organizing it, editing and commenting really brought on a whole whirlwind of emotions. God has done so much to go after me and call me his son. That is the point of the book.  I want to allow him to teach me to be a parent like he is to me. I want to treat my kids with the same affection and zeal he has bestowed on me.

The book is is not an unschooling guide, but rather, a book about how God has Unschooled me. Please take a look. 

For the most part, I won’t be posting much on this blog anymore, but I’ll be focusing most of my efforts on

My hope is to create a real platform to encourage “unschooling” parents, in a culture filled with secular views on the subject, who are looking at doing this through the perspective of being disciples of Christ. If you’ve enjoyed this blog, thank you, and thank you for the encouragement. Please take a minute to check out the new one.

With love,

John Bob


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