The Gospel of the Kingdom, or of a New President

Come now and join the feast,
from the greatest to the very least,
come now & join the feast,
right here in the belly of the beast.**

Cops & soldiers you can come too –
lay down your guns & c’mon thru.
Rich people get rid of your stuff.
Poor people there will be enough.

Mighty ones come down from your thrones.
Little ones you will not be alone.

lazy man come to the table
make some food for those who ain’t able
pretty winner swallow your pride

drink the ugly loser who for all died
make sure everyone gets some
the we’ll see the kingdom…

Come on patriots, you can bring your flags. We’re washin’ feet and we’ll need some rags.

That last line gets me… it’s an addon to the song. Shane Claiborne and the Psalters wrote this one. My pal Jeff posted it on his facebook page the other day.

Election time eats at me. I hate it. C’mon, let us all have the grace to be honest and call liars, liars! We’re deciding between two differing manners of rule, oppression, opinions… whatever. People are so heated about it.

Today, I found myself heated. I do have some opinions of my own; I worry about the treatment of the poor and marginalized. I am concerned with the Randian ideas taking hold on our society. I mean, come on, the rejection of altruism? Can we really support that as proported followers of the ultimate ultruist?

My stomach gets in knots. I was getting hacked off… but then I remembered, I believe in the Gospel. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS HERE!

That’s what Christ preached, and he spent the next 2 1/2 years perplexing and disappointing people when he didn’t usher in this kingdom through political means. He made theater of the liar politicians. He put them in their place. Filled with the mighty Spirit of the living God, he spoke directly to the fact that no authority is given but by the “author” of life himself.

I don’t know who to vote for… I know who I’ll probably vote for, but I have NO CLUE if it’s right. It’s a shot in the dark at a target that I don’t even know exists.

In the end, neither candidate will make it if the Lord does not will it. But we Christians must remind ourselves that we are of a different kingdom. We are subject to a much higher calling than that of this country that will, without doubt, fall under the weight of its own pride.

Our King is everlasting. There is no law against his love, and there is no rule that can touch or sway his mighty hand.

The Lord has, and will undoubtedly again bare his holy arm in the sight of the nations… the foundations will tremble.

People, believe. Remember who you are. Remind yourself of those whom Christ declared were blessed by God and would possess the kingdom. Don’t let this stupid election divide you from one another. Sure, vote… but hope in our Lord, HE IS THE REAL KING AND HE WILL HAVE HIS WAY IN THE END… let him have his way in your life and hope today.

(the belly of the beast reference refers to our culture… we’re surrounded by all that is contrary to the kingdom… it’s the beast that devours and destroys)


One thought on “The Gospel of the Kingdom, or of a New President

  1. Invisible Mikey

    That’s an engaging set of lyrics!

    If you’ve tried to get yourself centered, and read one of those Voting Guides issued by your state to inform yourself about the laws, you will perform your civic duty properly no matter who you choose. If you lost yours, the Public Library will have them. I find it kind of odd that people get so heated up over this, when your vote for a Presidential candidate only matters mathematically if you are in one of those battleground states. For most of us, the way your state’s electors will vote has been decided since the day the candidates’ names were announced. What still matters everywhere is all those local candidates for judge, school board, county commissioner, and the laws being proposed. Those are true democratic contests, rather than electoral ones. Every vote counts.


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