…against such things there is no law

This morning I woke to the results of the election. Obama was reelected. And across the internet you’ll see countless Christians embracing cynicism. I skimmed over post after post from professing Christians stating that we should “stock up on guns” and arm ourselves and so forth.



So, what if D’souza is right and Obama will lead us to an economic crisis?

What if America as we know it is ending?

What if???

I say, “So what?”

Yep, that may sound unpatriotic, but I really couldn’t care. I have to challenge myself to believe in my King. Jesus, the risen savior, King of the world.

I have to force myself to put all of these things in perspective. I have to ask myself “Which kingdom am I fighting for?”

Sure, I am an American. I pay my taxes willingly. I will do my civic duty in whatever capacity I am able to help guide our country toward freedom and prosperity. Prosperity being a state of being where there is enough to go around.

But there’s certain things that I won’t defend, or rather, just cannot in good conscience defend in light of the teachings of my Lord.

Violence. When Christ disarmed Peter, who was defending the very Son of God (not really a whole lot more important things to defend right?) Christ was disarming all of us. We do not win this way. Peter didn’t get it, and I don’t know that I get it very often. Christ not only disarmed Peter, but completely undid the damage Peter had done to prove his point.

Only hours before this blessed incident Christ showed the disciples exactly how to follow in his steps.

He stripped down and washed feet.

He stood before the authorities and submitted to them in the most subversive way of all; Jesus knew real authority, and he knew that the priests and officials had absolutely none lest it had been given them from heaven.

He did not have to fight.

So called civil liberties had been vastly infringed upon over the centuries with the Jews. But Jesus did not speak a word to this. No, rather, he said to pray for those who persecute you, to walk the extra mile with the robber… he stripped us of our claim to defend our lives, but instead, taught us to pour it out as a drink offering on the altar that others may taste our saltiness, and thirst for the living water that we drink from.

Can you do this with a gun in your hand?


Is violence one of the fruits of the Spirit? No, rather, it’s evidence of sowing and catering to the flesh. There is a vast cycle of Christians rationalizing violence and self defense. I have to end it by starting with me. Whether in conversation** or in the light of totalitarian government, that sort of power will not spread the Kingdom of God.

The greatest movements of the Church and the most beautiful and wonderful moments in the history of our faith are built on not fighting back, but resisting with love and a bowed head… the willingness to wash the feet of our accusers and oppressors.

I don’t know what the coming years hold. They may take away every right we have to govern our lives. I will pray for them, and I will submit.

I have to remind myself, when the fear takes over, that if I am filled with the Spirit, then I will exhibit those amazing fruits laid out in Galatians 5. I have to remember what the apostles said, “Against such things there is no law”

There are no laws against us acting like our Lord.

They can take away any and every freedom that we have, but there is no law against his love… there is no law against stripping ourselves down and becoming the slaves of all that God may save them all.

May we have the grace to fight the way Jesus fought.


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