we can’t make right our lives of wrong
and we’re sick to death of pretending to be strong
when our actions grow short and our sermons grow long
Father God, please help us sing your song

when we forget what it is to be yours
when it seems our arrogance is seeping from our pores
when sleep is our idol and love is a chore
oh God, please make us something more

For you long than not one would be lost
But we’re often so stuck on counting our costs
we sigh as the casualties climb so high
and there’s so few willing to try

when we’re overwhelmed by the siren’s lies
when our conversations turn from “we” to “I”
when in our heart of hearts we’re longing to die
Dear Father, please revive

bring to life
the longing to see your house on the rise
breathe out
that we may breathe in
and speak the words of life once again

Holy Lamb of God please come
set the selfish and wicked to run
Father let your kingdom come


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