…woke up with a secret

Today I woke up feeling like I knew a secret. The kind of secret that get you all excited because it defines who you are. I was almost giddy about it.

Recently I watched the movie “Jobs,” the bio-pic about Steve Jobs and his rise, fall and rise with the Apple Corp. It was pretty interesting, and really got me thinking.

There’s this one moment when he says his famous quote about realizing that the world around you, everything that you see, was created by people who were no smarter or better than you.

That hit me.

This man devoted his life to creativity. Is he my hero, no, far from it. He was disfunctional to a deep core, but I’m not here to write about Steve Jobs, I want to write about who we are.

So back to my little secret that I woke up with this morning, and what it has to do with Steve Jobs.

Well, what he said was true. And it’s true because of who we are in God. It’s true because we’re made in the very image of God.

God is love. It’s who he is. Love created us. Love breathed life into us. Love longs to pump through our veins and oxygenate our every cell. Love is written on us. Fear and rebellion are our perversion.

Yes, fear and rebellion are a perversion of our very being.

Love binds, connects, draws in, builds up. Love endures.

Fear drives away, disconnects, pushes, looks away and hardens.

Love creates freedom. Perfect love drives out fear.

I believe that Steve Jobs had the drive that he did because we all are made with the desperate desire to create written in our very DNA. It’s who we are. Being made in the very image of the Creator of the cosmos, it’s simply who we are.

We can try and try to create to satisfy ourselves. We can build our fortified castles to protect us from the world around us, but it simply will not, and will never satisfy. It will never be enough. The rabbit hole will only go further and further.

Creation without love will always end in disconnection and emptiness. It’s simply not the way our being was written. We are meant to be sons and daughters of the most high God. We are designed to join in with all of creation to sing, create, harmonize with him. We were designed to have fellowship, friendship, with the God who makes flowers bloom and causes the earth to keep spinning.

Is that not good news?

His heart is to gather his children in and recreate all things, to set all things right. But we fight, and we are miserable. We separate, and we are miserable.

He longs for fellowship with us so badly, that he even came, in the flesh, to be with us. He walked with us… talked with us… taught us.

The Father gathers in. The lie of fear separates, divides, and kills.

Us trying to be anything but this is like a cat trying to be a dog, or a computer trying to be a toaster. We simply weren’t made to be alone. Rather, we were made to join in on the harmonious celebration of all creation working together in love.

I know, we can look around and see just how messed up things are and wonder what the heck this God is doing… but love also gives a choice. It wouldn’t be love, the love that breeds freedom if there wasn’t actually freedom to choose.

So I woke up this morning with a smile.

I’m God’s. I get to walk through my day and create. I can create environments of freedom, life, love and safety around me. I can move in the Spirit of the living God, the Spirit of the Christ, the anointed One who came in the flesh to show us just how amazing our life could be in the Father’s love.

I am God’s.

It’s who I am, and nothing else could ever satisfy.

… and it’s who you are too!


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