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First of all, if you’d like to know why this site is called what it’s called, go here!

so… about me…

Hello, for some interesting reason you’ve stumbled onto my blog. So, I’ll write a few words about myself. First of all, this blog is not intended to be about me. I want to share with you what God’s given to me, my family and my friends. I’m not here to promote Rose Creek Village, and I’m not trying to convince anyone that life in ‘intentional communities’ is the way to go.

I really only want to tell you about how my God saved me, today… and well, yesterday, and the day before that. I could go back years. But I want to point to Him; my God. The loving Father, the real one. I’ve met him. Really. I get to walk and talk with him every day! He’s awesome! (and I mean that in the most Rich Mullins-esque way that I can say it) And he gave us his Word, his son… to be our guide and show us the way to walk with the father. I’m excited about that, really excited.

I grew up in Indiana. You know, it’s funny, even just writing those 5 words, my mind spins. How can I sum up those 20 years… 5 words. I grew up in Indiana. Those are stories that I’ll tell another time. But here’s a 1 sentence chronological summary… Trailer park, goodwill clothes, big ol pentecostal church, Sunday school and kids clubs, became a brat, pulled a knife on my mom, sent to a children’s home for troubled kids, three or four years, a lot of fights and tears, came home, high school starts, Nirvana happened, learned guitar, found that I liked being high far more than in the real world, embraced sobriety for a while, joined Rock-for-Life, ran youth rallies, was in 3 rock bands, made some cds, protested abortion, got engaged, broke up, mom died, got back together, dad died, no home, friend’s basement, got back together, very depressed, drank everclear in kool-aid to fall asleep every day, broke up, moved to Jesus People in Chicago, met my wife… and then the real adventure started. Whew… i’m out of breath. That was a lot for my brain to handle.

So my name is John Cullimore. I have a wonderful wife named Yvonne, and 3 daughters; Aletheia, Adaryn and Chasah. They’re 3 of the weirdest kids I’ve ever met. And I love it.

Aletheia being her fairy self

Aletheia being her fairy self

Aletheia (pron- ‘a-lay-thee-uh’), our oldest, is a real-life fairy. Seriously. Get a few minutes with her and you’ll almost see the wings. She’s got the awesome blue eyes, that if you get her to take off her glasses will do crazy tricks. She wants to learn to play the hammered dulcimer like her daddy, and she draws really well. Her and I have been through a lot together. She’s so dear to my heart. She’s seen me in some really rough spots. I used to be so stressed out that I had to get high to play with her when she was 1-2 years old. I was freaking out all of the time. Her forgiveness and resilience alone has helped me to see the face of God.

This is Adaryn

This picture says Adaryn better than any I've seen

Adaryn (pron- ‘add-a-wren’), if she was a mythical creature, would be more of a sprite. Mischievous and always up to something. The classic middle child. Brandon, my friends son, described her as a baby as having ‘chocolatey eyes.’ This has stuck. She has these HUGE brown eyes. She’ll sit and have some seriously interesting conversations with you. And she has an incredible penchant for bluntness. She sees it, and states it… there’s no getting around it. (Allie is much more tactful)

Chasah on Cocoa Beach

Chasah on Cocoa Beach, Christmas 2009

Chasah Joy (pron- ‘chah-suh’), named after our friend Chasah Jobi, (Chasah means hope, Jobi means persecuted) is our youngest and definitely our biggest fire-ball. She wags her oddly long tongue when she’s happy, like a weird little puppy. She has sort of a rough-house demeanor, but pretends to be nurturing. It’s odd really. Basically, she’s the most like me. Her reactions, frustrations, stubborn battle of the will mentality, all remind me so much of myself. Day after day I see me in her. She’s far cuter though.

Yvonne is a wonderful wife and friend. Her heart is so loving and nurturing, and if she could, would love to make the world a happy place where we all danced to whatever odd music she’s in the mood for and made art together. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had, and I want to honor her patience with the messed up man that I have been and in many ways still am. She sticks, no matter what. You can’t get her to leave you other than to take a walk to cool off in a fight. That alone is an amazing thing. She dreams and creates, and she’s one of the best school teachers that I know. She speaks the language of 6-year-olds.

We live in Rose Creek Village. We’ve been here since Sept/Oct 2005. These have been some of the fullest years of my life. By fullest, I mean a lot of different things. That’s a loaded word. um… busiest, happiest, most painful, most joyful… lots of things at once. Not to be too abstract, but that’s our life here. Like I said, I’m not trying to sell you on communal living. But I’ll get to that in other posts. But I do hope that you never get the impression that me, or anyone else here believes that we have it together. We do believe that we’re getting to know our father in heaven though, I see his handy-work every single day.

Anyway, I play guitar and hammered dulcimer. I write a song or two now and then. I work for one of the businesses that we have here at the village where, believe it or not, we sell hundreds of thousands of plastic bags for artwork and other random uses. Never thought I’d end up here. But I’m glad I did.

I’ll leave it at that… And commence the random thoughts that will come out of my blog here. I hope you enjoy.the illustrious ‘about me’ page


7 thoughts on “who am I

  1. Jonas Oblouk

    Hey john… Thanks for the fellowship yesterday and the wonderful food. I just wanted to drop you a note. I listened to your music. I am speechless. I got chills. It is rare for me to find music that speaks to me at such a depth. Rich Mullins’ music does it. You have done it. That last song on the CD… Wow. Praise God, brother. We can’t wait to get back and be a physical part of the family.

  2. Bethany Grieves

    Thanks for sharing John. I am proud of you for building the life in Jesus that you have built.

    As you know, I have a love/hate relationship with Rose Creek Village. I can still be a part in some way through the internet :).

    Jesus loves us whereever we are…..what can separate us from the Love of God?

    1. John Cullimore Post author

      I’ll be honest Bethany, my life didn’t really start making sense until I left Jesus behind. I’m finding so much more clarity and life outside of the faith than I ever did before.

      I’m sorry for all that happened in the village. I cringe at many, many things. I also loved many things there. But my faith unraveled like an old sweater and I had to follow where the evidence led me. I simply couldn’t believe a bit of it anymore.

      We’re building a whole new life founded in love, understanding, unlearning, and re-learning how to have healthy boundaries, life, and overall good living.

      I’m working on a website from scratch about this perspective at the moment. We’ll be launching it in the coming weeks.


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