eBook – Bigger Than My Box

I even sold a copy to my good friend Edith in Mexico!

I’m really praying and hoping that God will use these many tales to encourage and build up his people. It’s been thrilling to put it together.
Here’s the official description on the Amazon Page.


From John Cullimore at thechristianunschooler.com.


There aren’t many resources for “Christian” unschoolers as of yet… but the truth is, there needs to be a whole generation of Christian unschooling parents, embracing the mantra “life is learning” before we can tell too many tales on how to aid our children in this learning style.

This, to be clear, is not an unscooling guide. Christian Unschooling for Grown-Ups is a collection of entries, poems, songs, painful recounting of embarrassing tales and so much more, all for the sake of the one lesson, “To think that you’ve arrived is to lay down and die. Life is learning. Life is adventure. God does not want us to mere plant our feet and defend our position; no, he wants to take us on adventures every bit as deep as those in the scriptures. He wants to lead and show us how amazing life can be.”

Christian Unschooling, written by John Cullimore is a collection of writings from his personal blog with commentary. Divided into 10 sections, various aspects of our amazing walk with our Lord, learning how to be good moms and dads, the book recounts years of God trying to get John’s attention with the realization that Paul laid out in first Corinthians; that those who say that they know, most likely do not know as they ought.

The book is meant to be a companion for the new blog site, thechrstianunschooler.com. Our hope is that this site will grow to be a resource of encouragement and strength to many parents on their journey to give life to their children.

From the introduction:

“Christian unschooling is about the basic principle that life is learning.

Anyone who tells you that you can “arrive” is lying.

Anyone who tells you that you just say a magic prayer and you’re saved is missing out on the ongoing transformation of being saved every day and living on the daily manna of God.

What does this have to do with this book? Well, let me explain.

As I said before, there’s not a whole lot of literature as of yet on the Christian Unschooling perspective. But it’s a mindset that personally, I feel like God has been setting out to teach us from the dawn of time. It’s a concept that keeps us alive.

Remember, life … is … learning.

This is what the Father showed the Israelites as they walked with God… or rather, had a tough time walking with God. They couldn’t just rely on saying, “I know”… they had to have new experience daily.

The story of the manna from heaven is the perfect example. If they hoarded it for the next day, it would rot. We need new revelation every single day of our lives. To “arrive” is akin with death. To “arrive” is to stop living.

Our nature is to want to “get there,” bunker down, and vehemently defend our position. When we do this, our eyes close. Many of we, who call ourselves grown-ups have stopped learning. We’ve lost the ability to see like children. A concept our Lord told us was so, so very important. In fact, he said that if we couldn’t be like little children, then we couldn’t enter the kingdom. Those were his words, not mine…

…I want to learn how to learn. And I can’t expect to teach my kids that “life is learning” if I don’t live that out myself. That’s the critical thought here. That’s the pulse that I want you to feel… these entries are all about God showing me this fact over and over. I need him. My life is all about learning.

If I truly want to show my children the life of God, and if I really believe that there’s no greater life than getting to walk and talk with my creator, then I’ve got to wrap my head around this. My life is not about arriving and getting it right… my life is about getting to be a participator in God setting all things right, learning every single day that adventure and new lessons and life are right around each corner.”
To get your copy, head on over to Amazon!


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